Following the earlier item previewing this coming Friday's Premier League fixture at Purfleet between the Arena Essex Hammers and the Trelawny JAG Tigers the Tigers Promotion have now named their guest to replace their injured Slovenian Matej Zagar.

They have chosen Swindon's Dane Charlie Gjedde who scored 19 points for his club only two weeks ago here at Purfleet. He was described by the Hammers Promoter, Ronnie Russell, as the best visiting rider to be seen at Purfleet this season. Almost single handedly he took on the Hammers to set up an exciting climax to the meeting in the chase for the bonus point for the aggregate win.

If Gjedde is to repeat the sort of form he showed for his own club here, the Hammers will be in for a fight to gain the win. It is likely that World Under 21 runner-up Chris Harris, who also rode in the Swindon meeting, would have learnt from his experience on the track and will
provide the Tigers Danish guest with a far higher level of support. In addition their third heatleader, Czech Republic rider Pavel Ondrasik, has shown a liking to the Purfleet raceway on his previous visits.

The Tigers will also track Steve Masters, who has declared himself fit following a crash at Stoke last weekend.



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