Whilst Carlos Villar, the Berwick Speedway rider from Argentina is continuing his treatment at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital having been told he has been paralysed from the waist down, the supporters of Speedway in the UK and beyond have rallied round magnificently in some major fund raising for the stricken rider.

Reading Speedway got the ball rolling with a superb ?750 followed closely by Oxford's Conference club adding ?250 from a crowd of only 300. Peterborough collected ?950 whilst Sheffield pulled in another ?1100 at the recent Northern Riders' Championship on Thursday night.

Berwick held their own collection on Saturday night during the club's first ever full sidecar speedway meeting which had a reduced crowd due to torrential mid afternoon rain. Around 600 attended and donated a staggering ?1901 to the Carlos Villar Support Fund which currently stands at around ?5000.

Coventry held a collection too Saturday plus an auction, and over ?1000 was raised before the auction started! Donations over the bar were also being made long into the night. Edinburgh held a collection the night before. Sunday sees Stoke and Newcastle make collections too.

Berwick have made applications to the local council and Speedway authorities to run an out-of-season benefit speedway meeting in the form of a four team tournament to be run hopefully in November with local teams and big name stars already eager to join in.



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