Carlos Villar, the Berwick Speedway rider from Argentina is continuing his treatment at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital where he is likely to be until the new year, having been told he has been paralysed from the waist down. He is getting regular sessions in wheelchair training and an arduous course of rehabilitation and whilst he's eager to learn and succeed as soon as he can, he's finding the progress tiring.

To manage his Support Fund, a committee was formally constructed Wednesday night in Berwick upon Tweed comprising a dozen highly experienced people from the Berwick Speedway ranks ensuring the Fund will be run professionally and effectively with each member taking on a roll most suitable to their strengths.

Chair will be Dennis McCleary, Bandit's announcer, writer and former referee who's expertise in all things Berwick, Speedway and trust funds (having been involved in Ian Cashmore's fund in similar circumstances some 20 years ago for Berwick Rangers) leads the way with Malcolm Leighton his second in command. Malcolm's wife Diane is treasurer with secretary and assistant secretary coming in the form of two of Berwick Speedway's longest and most trusted servants, Ewan Thompson and Jean Forster.

The task of fundraising gets well underway now with ideas coming hot and fast now the season is at an end and track collections naturally dry up until March. Social events of all descriptions will be held, a limited edition collectors badge will be produced and the top event will be an auction.
The fund raising auction of top speedway memorabilia will take place soon, and already several World class GP stars have donated items to raise much needed money.

The auction coordinator is collecting the mountain of goodies up for grabs including an autograph of former Edinburgh Skipper, Jack Young, the complete bike owned by the late New Zealander Wayne Brown who won the 1980 National League Riders' Championship for the Bandits, dozens of race jackets, helmets, boots, Kevlar racing suits, programmes, photos etc. etc. etc plus other non-speedway related items including signed Newcastle United shirts.

The most original item to bid on is a night with a referee. Going round with the official on a race night to see from the inside what goes on behind the scenes of a speedway meeting including tossing the coin, possibly starting a race.



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