The management of the Trelawny JAG Tigers are working with English Nature in an attempt to secure agreement on a move to new site close to their previous home at the Clay Country Moto Parc. A spokesman for the JAG Tigers said determined efforts were being made in an attempt to overcome some potential problems with the new venue.

English Nature do not have documentation on wild life at an adjacent site and feel they need the assistance of the Trelawny management in surveying the land. This will enable English Nature to determine whether speedway would have an effect on any breeding birds and other wild life.

Trelawny say the English Nature representatives have stated that they cannot make any decision on an unknown bird population until surveys are delivered. They require the speedway management to overcome this problem before any decision can be made.

The JAG Tigers management says: "We are hoping that site owners Imerys may already have this information, as they recently gained planning permission for a large tip area no more than 400 yards away from our proposed new site."

"Time is of essence for the JAG Tigers as planning for the 2004 season needs to be underway. We hope to have more information very soon as we are desperately trying to secure the future of the Tigers for next year."



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