Trelawny remain determined to run next season even if there are continuing problems over planning permission for a proposed new site near the Clay Country Moto Parc. A spokesman for the JAG Tigers said: "It is possible to run without planning permission under a 14-meeting restriction.

"We are looking at the possibility of building two tracks which would enable us to run 14 meetings on one and 14 on the other to complete a full season." He stressed, however, that this was not the preferred option, but might be an alternative if there were delays in securing full planning permission. English Nature have asked for a survey on wild life at a site adjacent to the proposed new track.

"Site owners Imerys have said there is a survey in existence and are digging into their archives to obtain it and we hope it covers the area in question," said the Trelawny spokesman. "Running under the 14-meeting restriction would not allow us to build the facilities the speedway public deserve."

"Consultations are continuing with the various authorities concerned with regard to obtaining full planning permission. We would prefer that option as the best one for the sport of speedway, its followers and its neighbours in the community. Concern from English Nature is that speedway might have an effect on wildlife in the breeding season."

"However, Peregrine Falcons and buzzards have been nesting at the current site within 50 yards of the track and do not appear to have had any problems. Peregrine Falcons are deemed to be as sensitive as other birds and that surely must put speedway in good stead in the outcome of any survey."

"We have had noise reports at the new site and the returns were considered to be appropriate, making it one of the best sites in Cornwall regarding noise disturbance. Environmental surveys were also favourable. We have approached local council officers with a view to ascertaining whether our 14 meeting alternative would cause any upset. Although we need to run next season, we also respect the views of councillors who have to run our community."

Promoter Ray Purvis is representing the JAG Tigers at the annual meeting of the British Speedway Promoters' Association in Tenerife. That is generally the deadline for tracks to declare their intentions for next season.

The Trelawny spokesman added: "We are hoping to obtain a time extension to secure our future. Discussions on the structure of speedway for next season and the make-up of teams are not deemed to be of utmost importance at this time. We will endeavour to run whatever changes are made."



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