David Howe, Carl Stonehewer and Kenneth Bjerre have agreed terms with clubs for 2004. But one of the three has changed teams on a full transfer. Can you speculate as to which one it is?

It's not Carl Stonehewer. "Stoney" has agreed a new deal with Workington to stay with the Comets for a sixth successive season. And in a unique contract clause, Stonehewer is banned from driving stock cars at Derwent Park. He said: "The Stock Car organisers have been trying to get me to drive but I've got no desire to do that and if this clause benefits Workington Speedway I'm all in favour."

It's not David Howe. He is the first name on Wolverhampton's teamsheet for next season after completing a new deal with promoter Chris Van Straaten. Howe, who joined the club on a permanent basis from Peterborough last winter, readily accepted the offer after Van Straaten returned from the sport's AGM in Tenerife. Van Straaten said: "It's no major surprise that David is back with us, he is pivotal to our team plans."

It is Kennth Bjerre and he will race in the Elite League with Peterborough next season. The Danish sensation will not be allowed to double-up with the Premier League and he has taken the decision to leave Newcastle and join Panthers full-time. Newcastle co-promoter George English said: "It would be a backward step for him just to do Premier next season and we have reached agreement for Peterborough to buy him."



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