Berwick promoter Peter Waite has been scurrying about getting his list of potential new riders for Berwick 2004 ready to act upon, and has at least five riders classed as out and out number ones on that list, but it's lower down the order that Waite has drawn first blood.

Making a very welcome return to the 2004 Bandits is one of the most popular young reserve from the 2002 season who spent 2003 enjoying good form at Hull, and he is, Simon Cartwright.

Waite said: "Simon is still a young lad with a massive potential, and his year with the Bandits in 2002 provided him with his best ever year in speedway. His year away in 2003 has set him up nicely for a return to us in 2004, and I'm sure he'll be giving it 110% to make sure 2004 will be even better."

"His starting average will dictate he begins the year at reserve, where he was such a danger to opponents in 2002, but he's likely to be challenging for second-string status very early on."

"We are looking at several team options for 2004, and I can promise that a second signing will be announced in the very near future, and a one that I'm sure will inspire our local support to get very excited indeed."



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