Joining Simon Cartwright in Berwick Bandit's 2004 squad will be the first returnee from the ranks of Berwick's Czechs for next season, who will be in his fourth consecutive year as a Bandit, is Michal Makovsky. He joined Berwick highly tipped for the top in 2001, but has only shown glimpses of what he is capable of, until now, Berwick boss, Peter Waite hopes.

Waite said: "I know we have still to see the very best from Michal. His flashes and bursts of inspired racing have become more and more frequent as time has passed, and last year was his best yet. Hence we now believe the best is still to come, and 2004 will be his year. Michal will be one of the main-stays of the side in 2004, the sort of reliability that could bring success."

But one rider who won't be back riding in the Black and Gold of the Bandits is former skipper, 35 year old, Geordie born, Paul Bentley who has agreed terms to ride for the Glasgow Tigers in 2004.

Glasgow is a track he rode for some four years ago with excellent success, only falling below double figures three times at home that year, despite being out of action for two months with an injury.

Bentley's departure now means Waite must look long and hard for a new out and out number one star in a market where there are precious few available.



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