A good crowd enjoyed a superb battle for the points, at a sunny Oak Tree Arena as the Somerset "Mike Manning Audio" Rebels, produced a powerful second-half performance to take the match win, and the aggregate bonus points against the Reading "Ideal Video" Racers. The Rebels had done the groundwork for this win a month ago, when they produced a great away performance to trail by only 2 points from the first leg of this Premier League encounter.

This home leg was always going to be a tight affair, especially as the Racers were boosted by the return from injury of Danny Bird, and the guest appearance of recent Poole signing Tomas Suchanek, in place of Mathieu Tresarrieu, who was on National U-19's duty, and so it proved.

After the first five heats the scores were tied at 15-15, following three tied heats, and a 5-1 either way. Jamie Smith took the opening heat, when he conjured up a run out wide to sweep past Racers skipper Danny Bird, on the second lap. Rebels captain Magnus Zetterstrom made a good start but was swamped around the first two turns, eventually finishing last.

Racers guest, Tomas Suchanek got his evening off to a good start with a fast win in the reserves heat, accounting for the Rebels pairing of Walker, and Mills, with former Rebel, Lee Smart, also guesting for the Racers, missing out on the points.

In the next the "Maximum Men", Hawkins, and Fry did it again, after Andrew Appleton made a fast start to lead. Ritchie Hawkins swept past on the outside of bend two, and then Paul Fry nipped up his inside on the next turn, joining his partner in the now familiar team ride home. The Racers struck back immediately with a 5-1 of their own, with the impressive Suchanek leading home from Matej Zagar, who just got the better of Chris Mills after the young reserve had held him off for three laps.

The next was shared, with Bird coming from behind Hawkins to lead of the third turn. Paul Fry set sail after Bird, passing his partner of the final bend on lap 1, and then chasing down Bird, and challenging of the last two bends, failing to get up by just half a bike length at the line.

The Racers took the lead after Heat 6, when Zagar got the better of an opening turn battle with Magnus Zetterstrom. The match would have still been tied had it not been for electrical problems forcing the retirement of Jamie Smith, whilst holding third place.

Heat 7 saw Glenn Cunningham make up for a disappointing opening ride, taking the win after a seesaw battle with Andrew Appleton. Cunningham led off the second turn, only for Appleton to hit back, going to the front off the third bend. The Bristol flyer then powered back to the front around the outside of the first two bend on lap two. Readings Wolff took the minor points.

Jamie Smith made another great start in Heat 8; only for Suchanek to squeeze him for room entering turn two. With nowhere to go, Smith had no alternative, but to bail out, or examine the fence from close quarters, he chose the former. Most people were expecting the red lights to appear, but Paul Barrington allowed the race to continue, after Smith got to his feet. The result? a 1-5 to the Racers, and a 6-point lead ay half way.

Most Somerset fans must have feared the worst at this point, but they had not allowed for the great spirit of this current side. In the past this would have signalled an easy win for the away team, but as they have already done this year, the Rebels produced a powerful surge to reel off five heat advantages in a row, and move into an 8-point lead at Heat 14.

Zorro, and Jamie Smith set the ball rolling again, with a maximum, against Wolff, and Appleton. Zetterstrom flew from the gate, with Smith battling his way into second place. Wolff never gave up harrying Smith, and it almost paid off, when the earlier electrical problems returned to Smiths bike coming off the final turn. Smith slowed dramatically, frantically urging the bike to pick up. Fortunately he got going again, holding on by the very narrowest of margins.

Glenn Cunningham had to do it the hard way in Heat 11. After a good start, he moved wide, and straight into the path of his fast starting partner, Simon Walker, blocking his run. In the process the Racers duo had kept a tight bend to nip the lead away from Cunningham. He set about Simota down the back straight, and then hunted down Bird, passing him on the outside of the second bend next time round. Walker picked up the minor points after Simota's engine gave up the ghost on the final lap.

In Heat 12 Hawkins took advantage of a big lift at the start by Suchanek, who was in for Smart, to lead at the first turn. Chris Mills, not to be out done produced a brave ride to squeeze through the narrowest of gaps, between Suchanek, and the fence entering the third bend. Suchanek never gave up, but nothing he could do could get him back in front of the dogged Mills, who held on for the 5-1.

Zorro made another great start in the top programmed heat, leading from the powerful Zagar. Glenn Cunningham took third place around the outside of Bird, at the third bend. He chased Zagar, and looked as though he would pass him into the third bend of lap 3, but the Slovenian slammed the door shut to hold on to second.

Mills was back in the thick of the action in Heat 14. Fry lead at the first turn, followed by the fast starting Mills. Mills again battled with Suchanek, before the former Isle of Wight man took second on the back straight of lap 2. Mills then came under pressure from Richard Wolff, but try as he might the Czech found Mills too tough to handle.

With the win, and the bonus points now safely in the bag the Rebels rewarded Hawkins, and Fry's hard work with places in the nominated Heat 15. Reading gave their places to the impressive Tomas Suchanek, and top man, Matej Zagar. After a tight first turn, the Racers pair got the better of Paul Fry, with Ritchie Hawkins making a rare slow start. They went on to record a 1-5 heat advantage, but it was to no avail, as the Somerset "Mike Manning Audio" Rebels took this "Bradfords Building Supplies, and Hanson Building Products" sponsored tie.

Whilst things didn't go entirely to plan for some of the Rebels riders, it was a great all round team performance, with everyone chipping in some useful points. None more so than Chris Mills, whose performance earned him the "Rider of the Night" award, from Nick and Katherine Acreman, and their family.

The teams top four, of Zorro, Glenn Cunningham, Paul Fry, and Ritchie Hawkins now travel to Workington's Derwent Park to contest the Premier League "fours", and must have hope of doing well after recent performances.