Newcastle came into this meeting without the services of Christian Henry due to a heavy bout of flu and was unable to ride, much to both Christian's and Newcastle disappointment, as he had just hit the best form of his 2006 season.

Gary Havelock took the opening heat win with Adam McKinna coming in as rider replacement for Christian Henry and following a spectacular lap racing with former Diamond, Richard Juul, McKinna came into contact with Juul's rear wheel sending him careering over the handlebars, and landing hard on to the track head first bend of the 2nd lap. After a lengthy delay, McKinna was put on a spinal board and taken off to be checked then off to hospital once he came round with a heavy bout of concussion. He was subsequently kept in for observation, but it's understood there's no lasting damage.

Heat 3 saw Manuel Hauzinger lead the race before Josef Franc passed him, followed by Kevin Little on the 4th bend 3rd lap giving Newcastle a 4 - 2, 9 - 9.

In heat 7 Josef Franc drifted too wide on bend 2 ending up last with Hauzinger looking good and seemed to have some increased confidence.

Jamie Robertson was out in heat 8, passed Richard Juul and Daniel Giffard for 2nd place but his bike seemed to pack up, or he may have shed a chain, and fell on the 2nd bend taking the overall score to 28 - 20.

In heat 9 Kevin Little had a great race-long battle with James Grieves. Grieves was leading until bend 4 until the last lap.

Grieves came out as a tactical substitute and gained 2nd place for 4 points, narrowing the margin to 38 - 30. Josef Franc came out as a tactical ride in heat 14 and taking the heat win for a doubled 6 points, with Little 2nd and Robertson 3rd who held Little off until the 4th bend.

Team Manager George English said:" It was disappointing to lose the match like we did. We were already a man down with christian out with flu and after that awful crash involving young Adam was a major blow to us, leaving us with just 5 men. We did what we could with the man power we had. I'm really pleased with Jamie's efforts tonight, he rode his socks off in all 7 of his races and was worth more than his 7 scored. Manu scored well tonight which is another good confidence boost for him. We hope to see Adam and Christian back in the team soon."



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