Newcastle were up against it with Christian Henry still out suffering badly with flu so rider replacement was used to cover for him; whilst Adam McKinna was still suffering the effects of a damaged knee from his crash at Redcar on Thursday, so Edinburgh's Sean Stoddart came in as a guest and did an excellent job indeed.

Berwick had new boy Stanislaw Burza in and it was a huge question mark over how the Pole would find the tight Brough track along with fellow newcomer, Andreas Bergstrom. But both performed exceptionally well, adapting very quickly to Brough Park with 2 fine showings for Berwick.

In the original staging of heat 1 Berwick's Stanislaw Burza took the lead before the race was stopped after Manuel Hauzinger went too wide on the 2nd bend after almost doing a clean sweep around the boards only to run out of track room and was consequently excluded from the re-run.

In the Re-run, again Burza led from the tapes with George Stancl hot on his tail and finally gained 1st place on the 3rd lap, back straight.

In heat 2 the Berwick pairing of Danny Warwick and Craig Branney made the gate to take the lead only for Warwick to fall on the 4th bend with Jamie Robertson chasing, he had to lay his bike down in order to avoid the fallen Warwick.

In the re-run Robertson made the gate to give Newcastle a 4 - 2. Manuel Hauzinger came out as the rider replacement in heat 3 and spent most of his heat gaining on David Meldrum who just managed to hold him off. He was even up alongside Meldrum's back wheel, whilst Josef Franc was storming away with the lead.

Heat 4 was very much nip and tuck between James Grieves and Andres Bergstrom, they were virtually side by side for all 4 laps in a brilliant and thrilling display of speedway that the fans found enthralling. Meanwhile a sepearate battle was taking place at the back with Robertson getting the edge over Branney.

Sean Stoddart put in a battling performance holding off the challenges of Lee Smethills. Bergstrom had another great battle with Stancl in heat 6, with Stancl getting the win while Hauzinger who had a bit of a kangaroo start got 3rd place. Stoddart again put in another battling performance, driving hard under Meldrum in heat 7 and holding him off to take 3rd place. Another 4 - 2 taking the score line to 26 - 16.

Hauzinger was excluded under the 2 minutes time allowance in heat 8 and Stoddart brought into replace him along with Bergstrom coming in as a tactical ride off 15 metres back in place of Branney. Smethills took the lead, Stoddart slipped into 2nd place with Robertson at the back after Bergstrom passed him. Stoddart was holding off the advances of Bergstrom for the remainder of the heat when on the last lap Robertson sweeped around the outside of Bergstrom to take 3rd place relegating the double points man to last place.

Hauzinger managed to hold off Michal Makovsky in heat 10 until the last lap on bend 2 when he passed him, with Stancl taking another heat win. Berwick put Burza out as a tactical ride in heat 11 and he managed to get his double points taking the win over Grieves and Stoddart who challenged Smethills for 2nd place the score line now was 37 - 32.

Franc and Robertson team rode brilliantly to victory with a 5 - 1 over Meldrum and Warwick in heat 12 quickly followed by another 5 - 1 in heat 13 with team riding thanks to Stancl and Grieves cancelling out the 8 - 1 Berwick got in heat 11.

In heat 14 Stoddart drifted too wide allowing Branney through with a battle out front between Makovsky and Franc with Franc being moved out wide and eventually ran out of track room and fell.

Newcastle Team Manager George English said: "Sean (Stoddart) was a simply stunning and outstanding guest for us tonight and we couldn't have asked for anything better. It was superb for George (Stancl) to get a maximum proving that the guy is really back on the scene and keen to make up lost ground with some stunning and determined speedway. He was exceptional, whilst Jamie (Robertson) did really well too, impressing all in the stadium again . We really are clicking at the moment despite the loss of 2 riders, but when the team's gelling so brilliantly as this the results will come. I didn't think our track would suit Andreas Bergstrom, but we were proved wrong and I thought Burza did well."

Berwick Team Manager Peter Waite Said: "I was disappointed to lose this match, we should have generally performed better than we did, Danny seemed to struggle with the track and there were two ex-Newcastle riders in our team. We tried using tactical rides and substitues with only the tactical rides paying off for us. Having said that, Andreas and Stanislaw were very good value for money, and well backed up by Michal and Lee."



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