The biggest day in Scunthorpe speedway history is fast approaching. Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August, see the prestigious Conference League Pairs meeting run at the Scunthorpe Raceway.

Ten pairs of riders, representing nine different clubs will race over 24 heats on one of the best racetracks in the country to decide who will be crowned the 2006 Conference League Pairs champions.

Fans from all over the country will be travelling to North Lincolnshire to see the very best riders in the league. The competing teams also come from all over England and Wales.

The scoring for pairs meetings in speedway see the winner scoring 4 points, second taking 3, third claiming 2 whilst last place doesn't score. This format, as opposed to the usual 3-2-1-0, encourages riders to ride as a pair with second and third places in a race outscoring a rider who wins the race but leaves his partner at the back.

Each team will face the other four in their group and after 20 qualifying races the top two pairs in each group will advance to the semi-final races. The winners of each group will face the other group's second-placed team with the winners of each race lining up in the final four laps for the title.

So many pairs of riders could do well on the day and with the single race format of the semi-finals and final anyone who makes the latter stages could end up winners. Pairs that stand out include the Plymouth pairing of Seemond Stephens and Lee Smart and the Stoke pair of Ben Barker and Adam Allott. Stephens claimed an 18-point maximum on his only previous visit whilst Smart also scored well as the Devils became the first, and so far only, team to beat the Scorpions this season around the Scunthorpe Raceway. As for the Stoke pair both have performed well at the next level in the sport, the Premier League.

The Boston pairing and the Rye House duo are two more teams that are genuine contenders whilst Mildenhall's Mark Thompson is one of the very best riders around the Scunthorpe Raceway. Of course the two Scunthorpe pairs will be amongst the favourites on their own track and Buxton's Jonathan Bethell is another who has taken a liking to the Scunthorpe track which has consistently provided some of the best speedway racing in the country since it was built less than two years ago.

Monday's Conference League Pairs meeting starts at 3pm and the Scunthorpe Raceway is situated on Normanby Road just north of the town on the Burton-upon-Stather road.



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