Poole Castle Cover Pirates moved to second spot in the Sky Sports Elite league as they overturned league leaders Coventry 52-40, to claim their third bonus point of the season in the process.

" Easily our best performance of the season so far " said Poole team manager Neil Middleditch " We really caught Coventry cold and the team did a superb job."

" This Coventry side are no easy pushovers, their early season form is there for all to see, but we stuck to our game plan and did our job. All the team rode well, with Jason Crump and Bjarne Pedersen at the top of their game. But Piotr Swist was our man of the match and his win over Scott Nicholls was easily the highlight of a good match."

Hero for the Pirates was Piotr Swist who rode a superb race in heat 11 to trump Coventry's tactical ride offered to former Pirate Scott Nicholls. Trailing by 10 points after Jason Crump and Troy Batchelor had provided the Pirates with their third successive 4-2 heat advantage, the Bees used Heat 12 to try and work their way back in the meeting, but the Poole camp countered the move by switching reserves with Piotr Swist coming in for Craig Watson.

Swist didn't disappoint and rode the ride of the season so far to go round Nicholls early on and take the lead. Nicholls countered with some aggressive attacks on both the outside and the inside but Swist was wise to them all and took a deserved victory.

A standing ovation awaited Swist as he crossed the line and whilst the victory was still not confirmed on paper most of the Poole fans breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the league points were well within their grasp with just four races to go.

Poole provided the race winners in each of those remaining heats thus restricting the table-topping Bees to just two 3-pointers all evening. Martin Smolinksi had won the second race to give Coventry an early lead, but a fall in third for Morten Risager helped the Pirates as Pedersen and Kennett combined for a maximum 5 - 1 race advantage.

World Champion Jason Crump displayed some top class team riding to top the Pirates scorechart with 14 hard won points, and was unbeaten by an opponent throughout the match. Poole captain Bjarne Pedersen weighed in with 13 while Piotr Swist added a healthy 9 points as Pirates ran out easy winners.



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