Oxford Cheetahs team manager Mick Horton has revealed that, following talks between himself and Danish star Jesper B Jensen, the latter will be stepping down as team captain with immediate effect and handing over that role to Steve Johnston.

"Jesper and I had a very long chat indeed," said Horton, "and I would stress that there is absolutely nothing untoward behind this move.

"We're all disappointed with results so far this season, none more so than Jesper himself as captain, and during the course of out conversation, it became apparent that he really wanted to concentrate on getting things right with his own form and equipment for Oxford.

"Therefore we both felt it best if we passed on the team captaincy to Johno for the immediate future. To stop any possible rumours beginning to circulate I would stress in the strongest possible terms that this was a joint decision decided upon between Jesper and myself during the course of our conversation.

"Both he and I know that Johno will do his very best to keep up the good spirit that still very much exists in the camp despite our current form."



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