In the first of what will be regular columns on, Speedway Grand Prix star Ryan Sullivan gives an insight into last Saturday's Scandinavian Grand Prix debacle, and his preparations for this weekend's rerun...

"I take the GP series very seriously indeed, so I never thought I'd be laughing during the middle of race. Yet at last Saturday's Scandinavian Grand Prix in Gothenburg, that's exactly what I was doing in Heat 1 because the track was so bad!

"I came second in my heat, but gently two-wheeling it around the corners just wasn't speedway. I felt really sorry for the fans, but calling a halt just two races later was the right thing to do because the surface wasn't going to improve. I also never thought I'd be conducting my own press conference, but straight after Heat 1 I was surrounded by riders - all wanting to know what it was like.

"It felt strange, because I didn't know then if the meeting was going to continue, and I was thinking: 'why should I give away any secrets?!' - but to tell you the truth, I still couldn't stop laughing. Don't get me wrong though; I know full well that it was no joke for the organisers, who have done a brilliant job with the GP series and in securing live television coverage.

"The postponement was very unfortunate for everyone, but hopefully lessons have been learned. Rain meant that practice was cancelled, and in the end it just didn't work; the materials just wouldn't bind together, and mistakes were made by covering the track when it was so wet. I guess there's always a risk with the one-off tracks that get built for the big arenas, but it made for a long and expensive weekend, and now I've had to try and psyche myself up to do it all again!

"The day after Gothenburg, I was in Poland on Sunday as usual, racing for my club side Czestochowa. I scored 10 points, but we lost 44-46. The next day, which was a Bank Holiday in England, my team Peterborough lost by the same score at Oxford. I wasn't too pleased with my 7 points.

"On Tuesday though, everything came together. Riding for my club side Kaparna in Sweden I got an 18-point maximum. After all the injuries I've had this year, I suddenly felt much more comfortable on the bike. Psychologically, I felt much better too because I've also made some major changes behind the scenes, which I don't really want to go into right now - but hopefully I can let you know soon. At the time of writing it's Wednesday, and I've spent most of the day lost in Copenhagen, Denmark, trying to sort out for my visa for next week's Grand Prix in Prague.

"Because of the problems with last weekend's staging, myself, Jason Crump and Tony Rickardsson - as the top three in the world from last year - are being given the chance to test the track in Gothenburg tomorrow (Thursday). Then, everyone will have the official practice on Friday - and at long last, can do it for real on Saturday - on what can only be a much, much, better track than last time!

"All in all, a really quiet week!"

Ryan Sullivan



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