Anthony Davidson anticipates this year's World Endurance Championship to be tighter than ever and isn't certain where his Toyota Racing team will line up for the season opener at Silverstone.

The defending WEC champion says his Toyota team has made small steps forward with the TS040 Hybrid car but is unsure about how far his rivals have advanced.

Porsche completed a 1-2 finish in the combined times at the Prologue last month, while Anthony Davidson's Toyota Racing LMP1 team trailed in fifth, behind both Porsche and Audi.

"This year's competition certainly has improved and the gap between the teams has decreased," Davidson told "Whether or not we've been leap-frogged only time will tell but there is a good chance we could have been."

The British driver is remaining upbeat, explaining Toyota were in a similar situation 12 months ago running two seconds off the Porsche but still notched up victory at Silverstone in 2014.

"It looked like we weren't quite there in terms of pace at Paul Ricard for the Prologue but that was the exactly the same story last year, so it seems like a recurring theme so hopefully that means we'll go on to great things this year," he said.

"Looking at Porsche, we left Paul Ricard last year a second behind them but went on to win a Silverstone and Spa very convincingly. But Porsche's pace has always been there in qualifying and they out-qualified us in Spa quite substantially.

"Their inherent speed was there but some people seemed to believe they improved as the year went on, when I actual fact they were always there in qualifying. That is mostly down to their great system which lends itself well in qualifying, while we had the faster race car. We hope that will translate itself this year too."

Looking ahead to the 2015 season opener, Davidson feels Silverstone is a circuit which doesn't suit his Toyota Racing car and feels unpredictable conditions may play into his hands in a repeat of 12 months ago.

"Silverstone has never really been one of our strongest circuit as a team because of the lack of breaking which is where we recover our energy," Daivdson added. "I'm sure we'll get mixed conditions and that is how we won the race last year. Audi were always there with us, pushing us until it started to rain.

"I'm still expecting a big fight at Silverstone and whether we are still on top I do not know."



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