Super Cheap Auto Racing spent the time following Saturday's top-ten shootout going over its final checklist in preparation for the Bob Jane T-Marts Bathurst 1000.

On Friday night, the team stayed back late putting in a brand new engine and, yesterday, it changed over the gearbox and the exhaust.

"The team did its normal once over to make sure everything was perfect on the BA," lead driver Steven Ellery said, "We changed the engine on Friday night and that gave us a lot more power, so I am really happy with that.

"A thousand kilometres is a long way and it is important that everything in the car can withstand the rigours of this distance so we took no chances. Gearboxes have a lifespan and we thought it best to use a new one for tomorrow. It's the same with the exhaust - we could have left things as they were, but we decided to play it safe.

"Bathurst is such an important race for me, and the team, so we want to ensure the Ford is mechanically perfect, we don't want anything going wrong tomorrow."

With a strong Falcon ready for the big race, Ellery is confident that he and co-driver Luke Youlden have what it takes to challenge those in the top ten.

"We wouldn't be here if we didn't think we could win - we know we are in with a real shot and will be fighting hard tomorrow," Ellery said, "I'm happy with the Ford and I think Luke will rise to the occasion, like he did last year.

"Experience is really important at Bathurst, I've been coming to the mountain for a while now and this is Luke's fourth outing so we know what to expect. I think that we've done everything we can to prepare for Bathurst and that's all you can ask."

Ellery doesn't believe that he will be handicapped starting from eleventh or behind the eight ball following Greg Murphy's astonishing shootout performance.

"I think anyone in the top-fifteen can win this year's Bathurst 1000, I think it's very open," he said, "We've got just as much chance as anyone above us on the grid.

"Greg Murphy's time this afternoon was just awesome, it was fantastic to watch, but no-one will be lapping in those times tomorrow.

"Murph' has obviously got a very good qualifying car but the race is very different from the shootout, anything can happen, and it normally does."



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