OzEmail Racing's Brad Jones and John Bowe have set the stage for an exciting weekend of V8 Supercar racing at the season ending Main Event at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, with both drivers setting very competitive practice times.

Today's two practice sessions were held under perfect conditions, Bowe making the most of the morning outing, posting the fifth fastest time.

"Our preparation has been really good today. Even though we've had a few small things go wrong, my OzEmail Falcon has felt like it could be quite a fast package. It's always nice when you have a car that's strong on the first morning of an event," said Bowe.

In the second practice, Bowe resisted temptation and bucked the trend of most of the other competitors by not fitting new tyres, opting to waiting until tomorrow's warm up - "Unlike just about all the other teams, we decided to do our new tyre laps tomorrow. We still have some adjustments to make on the car's setup and we thought it was pointless wasting new tyres until we have things right."

"Tyre wear could also become a real factor by Sunday's 250km race which makes it even more intelligent to be conserving as much rubber as possible. What was promising for us was that even though we were on old tyres, we were still very competitive," Bowe concluded.

A positive Brad Jones has hovered around 15th during both sessions with the #21 OzEmail Falcon engineering team spending a majority of the time experimenting with the rear suspension of the car.

"It didn't show on the timesheets but we felt encouraged about what happened today. We played around a lot trying to get the best set-up and whilst we're still not quite there, I think we have a race car that will be on the pace, come tomorrow's race," said Jones.

For the first time in V8 Supercar history, all 33 cars will compete in a Shootout tomorrow morning, which will determine the starting positions for the 150km opening race. Sunday will see a gruelling 250km mini-enduro with compulsory pit stops for tyres and fuel.



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