The V8 Supercar Championship car championship is set to create the ultimate battle between Holden and Ford with the news of a new format for the Australian Grand Prix event at Albert Park.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation and V8 Supercars Australia will introduce the new "Blue versus Red" format for next year under the banner of the The V8 Supercars Manufacturers' Challenge.

Under the plan, the V8 Supercars will practice and qualify at Albert Park on Thursday 13 March and then race on Friday 14 March, Saturday 15 March and Sunday 16 March.

Qualifying will determine pole position as usual, but once a Ford or Holden has been placed at the head of the grid, all cars of that make will line up behind them on the same side, in order of fastest to slowest for that make. The other manufacturer will then line up beside them with one line of Fords versus one line of Holdens.

Total points will be combined for all Holden and Ford V8 Supercars to determine which manufacturer is leading after each race. Points from the first race will be carried over into the second and third races so that, although the lead may change hands, the winning manufacturer may not be known until the final cars cross the finishing line on the Sunday afternoon.

"It's the question that's been around for as long as Ford and Holden: which make is better?" Australian Grand Prix Corporation chief executive Drew Ward. "We'll find out in March at Albert Park."

Understandably, the new plan has let to two differing views amongst the two manufacturers.

"This is a great concept and we believe Ford will easily take out the win," Ford's Ray Price said. "Our teams thrive on competition. This one off event will promote even more competitive enthusiasm and rivalry - especially when you take championship points out of the equation."

"Holden is the current Champion and we're running a new generation car," Simon McNamara from Holden countered. "It's obvious who the best manufacturer is. We're really going to get behind this event."


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