Team owner Dick Johnson has vowed that Jim Beam Racing will continue to fight for honours in the V8 Supercar Championship despite the loss of financial backing from Ford.

The Blue Oval announced last week that it was to focus its financial investment on Ford Performance Racing and Stone Brothers Racing from 2009, with the remainder of the Ford teams still receiving support to help with the switch to the new FG Falcon.

Despite being a partner of Ford for more than 35 years, Johnson said the loss of the backing was just a 'minor setback' and he vowed that the team will continue to fight on into next season.

"Positive messages have come from all areas; the amount of telephone calls, emails and messages of support has been truly amazing and quite humbling really," he said. "We have a massive fan base that has been very loyal over the years, they have stuck by us many times and I would like to assure them that Jim Beam Racing is certainly going to be around for many years to come.

"This is just a minor set back and we have tremendous support from our current sponsors such as Jim Beam who have been amazing over the previous few years and will continue to be a major part of the team.mWe will sit back, re-assess everything that has taken place and make a business decision as to how we move forward towards a positive and successful future.

"We have a number of options in terms of how we structure the team for next year and will ensure we take steps in the right direction for sustained success in V8 Supercars."

Johnson added that the focus of his team remains firmly on the upcoming race meeting at Queensland, which will also double as the team's home round of the season.

"Queensland Raceway provides an opportunity to give something back to our fans and to the many businesses that have got behind us in the last week or so," he said. "There is no better way to repay the fans than to have Jim Beam Racing at the front of the field at Queensland Raceway."



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