Former Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed that he would be interested in competing in the V8 Supercar Championship in 2009.

The Canadian has emerged as a target for Supercheap Auto Racing team boss Paul Morris, who is seeking to find a partner for Russell Ingall for the season ahead and said last week that a deal for Villeneuve 'could happen' if the necessary funding could be put in place.

Villeneuve himself has now confirmed that his management has been in discussion with Morris about a possible deal that would see him at the wheel of a Holden Commodore for the season ahead.

"There are some discussions, mainly because I am working with Barry Green right now, whom I won the Indy 500 with," he was quoted as telling radio show V8 Insiders. "Obviously he is Australian so he has quite a few links in Australia.

"It started with the idea of racing at Bathurst because that has always been an internationally known and popular race, and it's well respected. That's where it all started, but from there the discussion went to 'why not do the whole season?' The V8s has always been an exciting series. I always saw them when I was racing in Melbourne (in Formula One) and they looked like amazing cars to race in - it looks like a fun championship."

Admitting that the racing would be taken seriously if a deal did come off - as you 'don't fly all around the world to run around the back of the field' - Villeneuve said it wouldn't be an easy decision to make as he would have to consider the potential impact on his family.

"I moved my family to Montreal in Canada to concentrate on NASCAR, and moving to Australia is quite a big move, so it's not something that you just decide to do," he said. "I have to discuss it with the family. It is quite a big decision to take."



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