Eleven young female karters will have a shootout at the Friuli Venezia circuit in Italy this Saturday in order to win a funded drive for the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy.

The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission and the CIK FIA collaborated to fund a drive in 2011 and Lucile Cypriano from France was awarded it. After liaising with National Sporting Authorities, eleven drivers - born between 1997 to 1999 - have been shortlisted for 2012. The candidates will be assessed on theory, driving and presentation. The winner will receive free overalls and a kart from the official supplier.

The candidates are:

Torey Blanch, Australia (21/04/1997)
M?lissa Calvi, Luxembourg (13/02/1997)
Nicole Coffey, Ireland (12/10/1998)
Jeanne Fantini, Madagascar (02/09/1998)
Olivia Natalie K?hne, Portugal (07/05/1999)
Adeline Prudent, France (14/05/1998)
Carrie Schreiner, Germany (14/09/1998)
Lina Von Schedvin, Sweden (18/12/1997)
Gabrielle Alice Weyer, Great Britain (26/10/1998)
Kamilla Willum, Denmark (25/02/1999)
Gabriella Yu Ting Teo, Singapore (01/11/1998)

The Trophy takes place over three races and the first race will be at Braga, Portugal in July.

2012 has seen Maria De Villota and Susie Wolff appointed to be test and development drivers for Marussia F1 and Williams respectively. Caterham appointed former KF1 driver Laura Tillett to be the project coordinator for its planned karting championship for 2013.

As well as the shootout, the Women in Motorsport Commission will have a two day seminar in Paris on 13-14 June to discuss initiatives to encourage women into motorsport from karting onwards.

by Simon Stiel



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