Drivers: Carlos Sainz (Citroen); Didier Auriol (Skoda); Richard Burns (Peugeot); Sebastien Loeb (Citroen); Petter Solberg (Subaru)Team personnel: Jost Capito (Ford)

Carlos, you did well in Corsica last weekend, how do you think this weekend - your home event - will go?

Carlos Sainz:
Each rally is different. If it rains, we can do a good job, but we don't know what result we will get. Running at home is an additional effort, because the fans are constantly asking for autographs. It's a very nice feeling, but sometimes it's hard to concentrate with all this movement, and the rally requires a lot of effort.

There were some problems with the crowd at last year's event - do you think it will be better this year?

The people's support is something that I will never forget, and I hope that the rally goes well for all of us. People have to be aware of their role and I hope they behave properly. Last year, we were caught by surprise, but I'm sure that this year the organisation has taken good measures to guarantee a great rally.

What is your initial impression of the new route for this event?

This year, 50 per cent of the rally is totally new, which implies an additional effort for the drivers and an increase in difficulty. There are some stages that are way too fast, and the fact that some are some stages are [run] two times will fill the tarmac with a lot of dirt. In addition, the fact, that some stages are [run] in both senses will make the event more complicated - since this is a rally where you corner through the verges, that gravel will eliminate our references. We have to attack without making any mistakes. On tarmac, any slight error can take you from the podium to the tenth position. The drivers that I see as strongest are [Markko] Martin and [Sebastien] Loeb, but we will have to see what happens.

Richard, you lost the championship lead last weekend - how are you looking forward to another tarmac rally?

Richard Burns:
Last year was great in Tarragona, we enjoyed it a lot. We have a good feeling [about this weekend] - we know the weather forecast and we know what elements we have to fight against.

Petter, you triumphed in Corsica after an early setback [crashing in the shakedown] - what do you think your chances are of a repeat here in Spain?

Petter Solberg:
There will be a hard struggle, and the weather conditions are very important. On Saturday, it will probably be sunny, but on Sunday it will rain, which is when we will get our chance. After winning in Corsica, the competition is very harsh. The teams are very hard. We must have confidence and keep our feet in the ground. It's not a matter of winning, but trying to get as many points as possible.

Sebastien, what are your aims for this weekend's event?

S?bastien Loeb:
The ten minutes we lost in Corsica really gave us a complicated championship. Now we know that it will be difficult, but we will use the opportunity to try to win. The new stages are, in theory, beneficial for Citro?n. We will have to keep our concentration to get the most out of the car.

Didier, how are things coming on at Skoda?

Didier Auriol:
We have not introduced new elements in the Fabia but, despite not having done many tests, I'm very happy with how the shakedown went. The car went well. I still don't know what I'm going to do next season, but I would really like to continue in this team and make progress day by day.

Jost, has any decision been made over Ford's participation next season?

Jost Capito:
We already know about the delicate situation of the team for next year. Either we have a guarantee to fight for the championship or we will have to study what is the most convenient step to make for all of us.



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