Moved from its traditional spot in early November, Rally Australia could be in line for more wet and mixed weather conditions.

Perth, Western Australia

A mainly dry and fine start to the weekend's rally action. An area of high pressure will influence the weather bringing plenty of sunshine and only patchy cloud during the afternoon. Typical spring like weather will allow temperatures to peak at 18C / 64F in a light and variable breeze. A 0 per cent risk of precipitation.

Another dry and partly cloudy day on the menu. Pressure is likely to begin falling but this wont influence the amount of sunshine available during the days proceedings. It will be a touch cooler on the temperature front with high's of 17C / 61F. A 10 per cent risk of precipitation.

A continuation of the dry and partly cloudy theme with sunshine and patchy cloud throughout the day. Pressure will continue to fall resulting in a stronger breeze and a change in wind direction making it will feel warmer with maximum temperatures of 20C / 68F. A 40 per cent risk of precipitation late on in the day.

A different day to the whole weekend. Rain is likely to make its presence felt during most of the day's stages. Winds will also become strong too gusting to 30mph or more at times. As a result of the cloud and rain, it will feel pretty miserable with maximum temperatures of 15C / 59F. A 60 per cent risk of precipitation.

Weather reports kindly provided by Martin Chuter CNS



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