Sebastien Loeb [Citroen]:

"Today has been perfect, no problems. The car has been great, now it's all about tomorrow - it's going to be a big day!"

Petter Solberg [Subaru]:

"I'm very happy with today, it's really been perfect and we're in a good position going into a very big day tomorrow. We're on the hunt, and I think that puts more pressure on Sebastien than me. We've not been on the limit today and tomorrow we can go to the extra level. I have nothing to worry about at all with the car and the tyres, I had extra in Finland and I have extra ready for tomorrow. I will never give up, I need points, and a lot of them."

Richard Burns [Peugeot]:

"It's been another good day for us, but we had a small handling problem on the final two forest stages when the car felt unstable at high speed. The pace has been extremely fast, but it's been good not having so many long road sections. Tomorrow will be a very tough final leg, so we have to keep up our concentration."

Markko Martin [Ford]:

"It's been a much better day than yesterday, although I know I can be faster than this. I'm still struggling to find any consistency and rhythm. Sometimes it seems to work and other times it doesn't. I've been pushing to the limit today and it's testing my nerves. My pace notes are not bad on the fast sections but on the twistier sections they're far too slow. I don't want to have to rely on memory because there's no margin for error here as the trees are so close to the edge of the road. The Focus is great, it's me that's the problem. It just shows that even if the car is fantastic, the driver has to be on form as well."

Colin McRae [Citroen]:

"We were still overheating the front brakes on the first two this morning, but after the adjustment to the balance it was okay. As for results, if we're going to get anywhere near the podium, then we have to rely on us having a really good clean run and other people having trouble."

Tommi Makinen [Subaru]:

"It was going very well until a hairpin left on SS16. We were doing only about 40kph when we hit the sandbank and damaged the right-rear suspension. You can't drive at 100 per cent with a damaged car, and we must have lost at least 10 seconds on each of the remaining stages. It's a shame we're now sixth and not fourth, but we hope the weather predictions for tomorrow are right. It's a long day tomorrow, I like those stages and will try to gain it back."

Carlos Sainz [Citroen]:

"The car doesn't feel right at the front, when I'm turning in it's not perfect. On roads like these you really need the confidence in the car. This battle with Colin is nothing new, it's like the thousands that we have had already in our careers. I was lucky when I had the problem with Marc [Marti - my co-driver], it could have been a big accident."

Harri Rovanpera [Peugeot]:

"The last three stages were very good for us, as they were repeats of stages used in the morning and the road was already swept clean. This morning's stages weren't so nice for us because of our road position and a small engine problem. I think we can find a good feeling tomorrow and push quite hard. My priority is to score points for the team."

Freddy Loix [Hyundai]:

"The stages this morning were clearing ok but if you wanted to take a different line it was very slippy which was difficult. The stages this afternoon were much cleaner which made things easier for us but we are probably too far behind Rovanpera and the others in front, unless they hit problems, to be able to work out way further up.

"At least I know that I can drive to stay in front of those behind us. For me the car has been very consistent and reliable on these stages and it's driving very well. To be honest I don't need to change anything this evening - I don't need to change something that is doing the job I need it to do which is staying ahead of Francois and the Skodas."

Francois Duval [Ford]:

"We've had no problems with the car and it was a better day than yesterday. My driving style has improved and my pace notes are better, although I've changed the notes throughout the day. I don't have enough confidence in the long, fast corners. I can't decide when to brake and I'm finding it hard to judge what gear I should be in. Tomorrow won't be an easy day but we'll continue with the same rhythm."

Mikko Hirvonen [Ford]:

"I was quicker this afternoon. I had some mistakes in my pace notes this morning. Sometimes they were too slow but I've not missed any junctions today which is good. Tomorrow's stages are faster and wider and I'm looking forward to them because I prefer those kind of tests."

Didier Auriol [Skoda]:

"Today the roads have been very slippery with unpredictable grip. I had a huge moment on the first stage when I went off while totally committed in sixth gear. I was lucky that the damage wasn't too serious. We will adjust the ride height at the front tomorrow and that should make the car fly on the Bunnings stages."

Toni Gardemeister [Skoda]:

"Yesterday afternoon I set the suspension harder to improve the Fabia WRC's stability but on this morning's faster stages it was too hard. The rear of the car was rather lively. Normally this isn't a problem as you can correct it with a quick steering movement but right now that isn't possible for me. This afternoon has been much better but I am still having to hold back a little and this is not normal for me!"

Armin Schwarz [Hyundai]:

"On the last group of stages the stiffer suspension settings made it much better so now we are going to go back to a clean sheet of paper using that as a starting point and go with a new set-up on suspension, ride height and differentials to try to get to the bottom of our difficulties."

Notable retirements:

Marcus Gronholm [Peugeot]: [retired after SS9 - withdrew]

"I prefer to concentrate my energies on the remaining four rounds of the World Championship now, as it would have been impossible to get a good result here after all that time was lost. It was a totally stupid mistake - especially as I was not even pushing hard. We just got too tight into the hairpin and I went off backwards at less than 10 kilometres an hour. The front wheels were still on the road but the car was stuck. Eventually I managed to get going again, but we took the decision to stop after the next stage."

Team Principals:

David Lapworth [Subaru World Rally Team - team principal]:

"It's been a fascinating game of cat and mouse. Petter and Sebastien have traded times all day and the gap has never varied by more than a couple of seconds. Tommi is locked in a battle for fifth and there is an equally tight chase between Colin, Tommi and Carlos. We are expecting the weather to change and become quite unpredictable so it will be nail-biting stuff tomorrow."

Malcolm Wilson [Ford Rallye Sport - team director]:

"Tomorrow's stages will be harder on the cars but so far they've run faultlessly. I can see Markko isn't happy with his performance but he's had more confidence today and driven better."

Pavel Janeba [Skoda Motorsport World Rally Team - team principal]:

"We would love to be fighting for the podium positions but let's be realistic at this stage. We have had another valuable day and our engineers have continued to further develop the Fabia WRC. If the final day goes well we can still have the chance to score Manufacturers' Championship points."



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