SS14 - Helena South 1 (17.31 kms): Solberg fastest through SS14; Loeb second; Burns third; Martin fourth; McRae fifth; Makinen sixth; Rowe leads the PCWRC category; Loeb leads the overall rally by 2.1 seconds.

Stage times and overall standings after SS14.

Top ten stage times for SS14:

1.Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC8mins 55.2secs
2.Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 00.5secs
3.Richard BurnsPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 04.8secs
4.Markko MartinFord Focus RS WRC+00mins 05.1secs
5.Colin McRaeCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 05.2secs
6.Tommi MakinenSubaru Impreza WRC+00mins 07.0secs
7.Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 08.7secs
8.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 09.3secs
9.Freddy LoixHyundai Accent WRC+00mins 21.8secs
10.Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC+00mins 25.2secs

Overall times after SS14:

1.Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC1hour 56mins 58.2secs
2.Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC+00mins 02.1secs
3.Richard BurnsPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 57.2secs
4.Tommi MakinenSubaru Impreza WRC+01mins 31.2secs
5.Markko MartinFord Focus RS WRC+01mins 34.8secs
6.Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+01mins 46.8secs
7.Colin McRaeCitroen Xsara WRC+01mins 51.0secs
8.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+02mins 24.1secs
9.Freddy LoixHyundai Accent WRC+04mins 01.6secs
10.Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC+04mins 30.2secs

11.Mikko HirvonenFord Focus RS WRC+04mins 35.9secs
12.Didier AuriolSkoda Fabia WRC+04mins 50.5secs
13.Toni GardemeisterSkoda Fabia WRC+06mins 25.2secs
14.Armin SchwarzHyundai Accent WRC+07mins 29.3secs
15.Antony WarmboldFord Focus WRC+10mins 03.0secs
16. Ed OrdynskiMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII+10mins 59.4secs17.Martin RoweSubaru Impreza WRX+11mins 59.4secs
18.Dean HerridgeSubaru Impreza WRX+12mins 04.9secs19.Niall McSheaMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI+12mins 41.3secs20.Karamjit SinghProton Pert+12mins 49.4secs

Overall PCWRC after SS14:

1.Martin RoweSubaru Impreza WRX2hours 08mins 57.6secs2.Niall McSheaMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI+00mins 41.9secs3.Karamjit SinghProton Pert+00mins 50.0secs

Notable retirements:

SS9/10.Marcus GronholmPeugeot 206 WRCWithdrew

Italics denote Production Car World Rally Championship entries.



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