Ford BP Rallye Sport's hospitality service, run by Spur Hospitality, is delighted to welcome Agnesi Pasta as official pasta supplier to the team.

The Italian company, based just metres from the Rallye Sanremo service park in Imperia, will supply over two tonnes of dried pasta to the team's catering unit for the remaining rallies in the 2003 FIA World Rally Championship season and throughout 2004.

Agnesi, established in Liguria in 1824, is one of the oldest traditional Italian pasta makers and one of the very few with its own mill, ensuring consistent quality and making Agnesi one of the most popular brands in Europe.

"Pasta has always been a staple part of our diet, as it provides a light nourishing meal, whether for a driver who is after a light snack with salad or part of a hearty meal for busy mechanics. It is also easily transportable and long lasting, meaning we always have a stock of quality pasta no matter where in the world we are. We have always bought Agnesi Pasta as their quality is the best we've ever found, and we are delighted that they have joined our team though the provision of dried pasta to cover our requirements," said Di Spires, who together with her husband Stu runs the rally catering service.

Ford BP Rallye Sport prides itself in its hospitality services, not only feeding the core team who have individual dietary requirements, but also the many VIPs - organisers, invited guests and media who regularly partake of the fine cuisine on offer at each event.

"While tasty nourishing food is at the core of our culinary worldwide adventure, so too is convenience - often meals are prepared as and when required, rather at traditional eating times. For this purpose the team uses a number of pre-prepared ingredients such as sauces and canned items, which are then supplemented by fresh produce, meats, fish, dairy products and breads from around the world. A staple part of such a varied diet is pasta and as a team we consume more than 2,000kg of dried pasta during the rally season from January until November each year," she explained.

A dedicated kitchen truck and motorhome has been supplemented by a further purpose built catering unit, which supply nourishing meals in all conditions for the team that strives to keep Ford BP Rallye Sport at the forefront of rallying technology.

As well as feeding drivers and team members, the hospitality team provide over a 1000 meals for media, hospitality guests and VIPs during a world rally championship event.



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