World Rally Champion commercial boss David Richards has lost the right to of vote on the FIA World Rally Championship Commission, after the World Motor Sport Council yesterday agreed to slim down the body of power to just eight members.

The move, which is designed to make the decision-making process more efficient, rather than remove Richards' powers per se, means that the Commission will now consist of three team/manufacturer representatives, three event organisers and two members from the FIA, who will be the chairman of the WRC Commission and Rally Commission. Decisions will be taken according to the majority, although the chairman will have the casting vote.

The manufacturer representatives will be drawn from the marques sitting first and last in the championship, plus one other voted on by the teams themselves, while the organisers will come equally from Europe, the rest of the world and an elected member selected by the promoters.

There will also be two non-voting members on the committee, allowing Richards to sit in on meetings, along with another FIA representative from the external relations department.



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