Petter Solberg's win for Subaru-Pirelli today in Corsica put an end to Michelin's unbeaten run on 'clear' asphalt that has lasted since the 1998 Sanremo Rally, when the latest generation of Michelin's asphalt tyre was introduced.

"Ok, the conditions this weekend in Corsica were rather untypical but, as with most periods of domination, this impressive run had to be interrupted one day," reflected Michelin's competition's rallies manager, Aim? Chatard. "However, the statistics will remain to bear witness to one of world class rallying's finest success records."

He added: "The constantly changing weather on days two and three made tyre choices very tough at times during this rally.

"That said, Michelin tyres were fastest on all but three of the weekend's 14 stages, even though forecasting the conditions was so difficult - even for the experts.

"In the future, to cope with the sort of highly fickle conditions we came across this weekend, we will be looking to work towards asphalt tyres offering the same high performance as the existing range, but which cover a broader spectrum of surfaces rather than the development of products for more specific situations.

"Michelin's partners enjoyed another excellent run in the dry on Friday, but the rally saw some of the favourites [Sebastien Loeb and Markko Martin] drop way down the leaderboard on Saturday, and Solberg really is in super form at the moment."



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