Petter Solberg [Subaru]:

"I almost don't have words to describe it - it's definitely been the most special win for me this year! The way I'm feeling now is just incredible. Everyone in the team has worked so hard to put me here, and to go from such a low on Thursday to such a high now is almost unbelievable. Once the rally got underway, things went completely according to plan and I have a really good feeling now about the rest of the season. I've already proved my performance in Wales and we've shown here that anything can happen on tarmac."

Carlos Sainz [Citroen]:

"This has been such a difficult rally for tyres, right up until the end nobody was sure what we would want. It was my decision to go on the slicks [on SS15 and SS16], and it was the right one. It's been a great battle with Francois. Now I have the championship lead - I just hope I have a good Catalunya."

Francois Duval [Ford]:

"We gained time on the penultimate stage but lost out on the last one. We didn't make a bad choice but the final 20km of the last stage were dry and that suited Carlos better than me. But I've driven a good rally. I've had no problems with the car and made no mistakes. It was really difficult for me because everyone seems to have more experience of the roads and knowledge like that plays such an important part on rallies like this. Tyre selection has been tricky all weekend because the conditions have been so unpredictable and it's hard to concentrate when the weather keeps changing. But we kept our cool and made no mistakes and I'm really happy with the result."

Marcus Gronholm [Peugeot]:

"Most of this rally was run in mixed conditions, which I hate. The majority of time was lost because it was impossible to predict which sort of tyres we needed. But I'm hoping for better conditions on the next round in Spain. There are a lot of new stages there this year which I think will suit us well."

Colin McRae [Citroen]:

"We lost some time in the wider part of the second stage this morning - it was really slippery in there, with a lot of mud around. Then on the last loop we took an intermediate tyre with a cut in it - we didn't need the cut. We tried, but unfortunately we couldn't manage to get fourth - but we did get some valuable points for Citroen in the manufacturers' standings."

Gilles Panizzi [Peugeot]:

"Corsica has been very frustrating for me. After I found a car that suited me on the second day, I felt really confident. But then the tyre choices were wrong for nearly every stage, so we were nowhere near our maximum capability. Catalunya has got to be better for us."

Tommi Makinen [Subaru]:

"Things improved steadily for us throughout the rally and we're very happy about our performance today. We seem to have found a very good set-up now for these conditions and this should really help us in Catalunya. Petter's done a great job over the last few days and he really deserves this fantastic win. We're happy to have collected some points for Subaru and will be looking for another points scoring finish in Catalunya next week."

Richard Burns [Peugeot]:

"The car's been good but it's difficult to push hard in constantly-changing conditions. In Catalunya, we'll be hoping for more consistent weather. If we get it, we should be right up there."

Mikko Hirvonen [Ford]:

"We've had a great weekend. I made my own goal before the rally, which was to finish in the top 10. I've achieved that and scored points for Ford as well. Yesterday was perfect for us. We set some excellent stage times in the rain. It seems I'm much faster in the wet than the dry and I think I now need more experience of dry conditions."

Toni Gardemeister [Skoda]:

"This morning I chose dry weather tyres and this was the correct choice. If you compare our stage times you will see just how much quicker we are and closer in performance to almost everyone except the very front runners. Unfortunately the rear roll bar broke again and that slowed me over the second half of the second stage but otherwise everything was fine. We have had a good rally and learned a lot about the way we should further develop the car."

Sebastien Loeb [Citroen]:

"This is quite a difference from two weeks ago - but then that's the way rallying goes. The one thing we can take from this rally is the pace we have shown, that's encouraging for the next round in Catalunya."

Notable retirements:

Didier Auriol [Skoda]: [retired before SS1 - water leak caused a short circuit in the ECU]

"If we had not been in the control area we could have fixed it and continued in the rally. As soon as we retired from the event we were able to make the necessary changes and drive the car back to service."

Markko Martin [Ford]: [retired in SS15 - went off the road]

"We came to a fast fourth gear corner that turned into a slower one and I lost control under braking and took a wide line. I think we were lucky because we went off the road backwards and into the trees. It was a fairly heavy impact and I hit my head hard. We were fortunate not to have gone into the trees frontwards otherwise it could have been quite nasty."

Team Principals:

David Lapworth [Subaru World Rally Team - team principal]:

"Quite simply, it's fantastic result and a great effort from the whole team. When you consider the state of the car on Thursday, you had to see it to believe it. I really wasn't 100 per cent sure that we'd get it fixed in time, and so to have pulled a win out of the bag is a huge credit to both the team and Petter and Phil. After the disappointment of Sanremo, we've proved that things can turn around, and the championship is once again wide open. There's a terrific team spirit now, and a new level of optimism ahead of Catalunya."

Guy Frequelin - [Citroen Sport - team principal]:

"We were very disappointed for Sebastien, but Carlos and Colin performed well. They did a good rally especially regarding tyres choices which were very tricky. With Carlos and Citroen leading both championships we couldn't be more motivated for what's coming next."

Malcolm Wilson [Ford Rallye Sport - team director]:

"We were disappointed to lose Markko but Francois drove a great rally. He coped well under pressure, especially in yesterday's rain. He will gain in confidence from being on the podium and has shown his natural ability."

Corrado Provera [Peugeot Sport - team principal]:

"It's been a difficult rally where we have not been as efficient as we could have been in our choice of tyres. Marcus as usual has been the best of all of us with another fantastic performance. Gilles has spent a lot of time looking for a set-up that we were not able to give him, while Richard was very ill today. Let's hope for better luck in Spain!"

Pavel Janeba [Skoda Motorsport World Rally Team - team principal]:

"Every day on this rally we have made progress. We have made big steps forward in a short time and we know what we must do now to improve the car on asphalt but unfortunately there is no chance to make big changes before Catalunya. The gap between us and the big teams continues to decrease but the gap between these two rallies is even smaller!"



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