After the rain that affected the last round of the World Rally Championship in Corsica, the weather gods appear to be leaning towards leniency as the circus moves on to Spain and the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Lloret de Mar, Spain

A mainly dry and fine day with plenty of sunshine, and only small amounts of patchy cloud during the afternoon. Cloud will tend to increase overnight, although it should remain dry. Light winds from a westerly direction peaking at 5mph. Temperatures responding to the sunshine, with a maximum of 16C / 61F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at ten per cent.

Another mainly dry day is on the cards, although there will be a subtle difference as more cloud will be evident. Still some brightness, the odd glimmer of sunshine coming through, but definitely more cloud cover. A slightly stronger breeze of around 10mph will make its presence felt, just taking the edge off the temperatures, peaking at 15C / 59F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 20 per cent, increasing overnight.

A cloudy day is in prospect, with any brightness limited to dawn and early morning. Light and patchy rain could well push in from the west, especially during the latter half of the afternoon. Hopefully, it should stay on the drier side. Again a light to moderate breeze of similar strength to Saturday combined, with temperatures peaking at 14C / 56F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 30 per cent.

Weather forecasts kindly provided by Martin Chuter CNS



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