He may not be involved in the World Rally Championship next season, but Colin McRae has admitted that boredom would eventually lead him to competing in one form of motorsport or another in 2004.

The Scot, who faces his last WRC event for the time being in Wales this weekend, has confessed that he is not one for sitting around and relaxing, and that his enforced absence from rallying - brought about by various rule changes handed down the FIA and a lack of viable seats - would probably prompt him to take up some other way of satisfying his need for speed.

McRae has already been linked to a possible assault on the Dakar rally raid, allegedly with Nissan, while he has shown promise in a handful of track outings, most notably in an ASCAR event at Rockingham in 2002. The Citroen driver refuses to confirm or deny the speculation, just as he refuses to accept that his rallying days are over.

I'd soon get fed up with doing nothing," he told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper on the eve of the Wales Rally GB in Cardiff, "I need to keep my eye in and satisfy my competitive spirit. Maybe I'll have a relatively easy year, but I'll still be competing."

Assuming the hours spent in front of a monitor playing the rally simulation that bears his name won't suffice, McRae is well aware of the options open to him.

"I'll probably be doing some kind of circuit racing, and a lot of people seem to know that I'm doing the Dakar," he allowed, "Nothing is definite at the moment, but I expect to have some very positive things to say very soon."

McRae even admits that, eight years on from his WRC title, a change may be as good as a rest.

"Perhaps I had got to the stage where I was getting a bit stale," he acknowledged, "It was getting to be hard work, and I think it will be nice to regroup next year.

"However, I don't think Rally GB will be my last one of all. I'll decide in May or June of next year whether or not I really miss and, if I do, I might try and come back for 2005."

Ironically, sources suggest that the Scot may be back in a rally car a little earlier than he expects, with his name being put forward as the ideal candidate to substitute for the unwell Richard Burns when the soon-to-be Subaru driver's testing duties begin. Burns is currently undergoing medical tests to discover why he passed out at the wheel of his road car in the run-up to this weekend's WRC finale.



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