MG continued their Wales Rally GB charge on the second leg today with drivers Gwyndaf Evans and Tony Jardine both putting in very strong performances against the tough conditions.

Yesterday's sun and blue skies gave way to far colder and cloudier conditions, though there has been no threat of precipitation, well not yet at least.

For Gwyndaf, co-driven by Claire Mole, his charge in the country of his birth has been going along splendidly. Though the stages are rough, and the rocks hefty, Gwyndaf has been piloting the little ZR along with aplomb, such that he worked his way into and upwards through the 30s in the overall standings during the course of Saturday.

"So far so good," said Gwyndaf at the lunchtime service stop, at which point the diminutive ZR sat at 36th place in the overall standings. "It's feeling very good, I'm very pleased with it." He continued. "We had a suspension damper fail yesterday, we changed that and at the moment the car feels very good indeed."

For Claire Mole everything was looking good from the co-driver's perspective. "It's going really good, I'm enjoying it and the car's holding up well," said Claire.

All competitors have remarked on how tough the conditions are, and for the Group N cars - which are as near to showroom spec as it is realistically possible to rally - to be holding together so well is quite an achievement. "It's obviously pretty hard for the ZR," explained Claire "especially being a standard car, but it's going well." Sounds like a good day in the lead MG then. "We're moving up into the mid thirties, and who knows after that..."

Overall, it's been another fine day for MG and the ZR. "I'm going reasonable, we're up to 33th overall in a World Championship rally in virtually a standard MG ZR, so that shows we're not going slowly," said Gwyndaf with a glint in his eye. Expect the ZR to work its way further up the leaderboad tomorrow...



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