Richard Burns' co-driver Robert Reid has decided to take a sabbatical from the FIA World Rally Championship in 2004.

Reid, who has worked with Burns' since 1991, has been forced into taking a break, after the Englishman was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Reid and Burns had been due to return to Subaru in 2004, however rumours earlier this week, indicated that the Scot could still end up at the Banbury based squad, if they sign Colin McRae - Reid, the story went, would be brought in to replace McRae's co-driver Derek Ringer.

Reid though has now seemingly shot down such reports, by revealing he is looking forward to a rest.

"The first thing I want to do is actually recover from the past few seasons," Reid told BBC Sport Online, "I've got a bit of a back problem I want to get sorted out."

"Hopefully a few opportunities will come along," he added, "Although I don't want to go to every rally next year."



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