The World Motor Sport Council met in Monaco today [Friday] and while gravel cars are not back for 2004, they could be allowed on various events following consultation with the safety commission.

Although this move is not likely to appease drivers and co-drivers completely, who feel they are essential to ensure safety, this latest move is something of a compromise, especially as the FIA believes they are an unnecessary expense.

A statement from the WMSC noted:

"Gravel cars will only be allowed upon application to the FIA by an event organiser, and then only for reasons of safety, agreed as such by the Safety Commission."

Other changes meanwhile were also approved, most noticeably flexi-service, which will now take place in 2004. This means cars in a multi-car team will be serviced in sequence rather than at the same time, thus requiring less personnel and in theory saving costs.

The Council also "reaffirmed that the Milles Pistes system would be required by all events in the Championship after the 2004 Swedish Rally, except when a waiver is sought and agreed to, in order to assist an organiser who has particular difficulties in 2004."

Testing restrictions were also restated, namely that for teams registered in the Championship in the current year, testing is prohibited as follows:

- Outside Europe;
- In Cyprus and Turkey;
- In the country of a rally from start of reconnaissance until the end of the rally;
- On any road, which is or might be used as a special stage of any current Championship rally;
- And throughout the months of August and November.



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