World Rally boss David Richards has given plans to overhaul the WRC points system the 'thumbs up'.

The change would see drivers being allowed to re-join events the next day after 'retirement', thus rewarding points based on the finishing positions of each of the three days of action, in affect turning the series into 48 sprints, as opposed to the current 16 rounds [i.e. each round would have 3 sprints].

The idea was put forward last year by FIA president, Max Mosley.

Speaking to British newspaper, The People at the weekend, Richards, who is also the team principal at F1 team, BAR-Honda, said that such a move would be good to keep 'interest up throughout' the three days.

"We are looking at changing the scoring system so that you gain points for each leg," he told the tabloid paper.

"So whereas before a top driver would go out on the first day and that would be it, he'd now be able to re-join for the second leg to fight for points.

"It means the drivers, sponsors and manufacturers get more of a show and the interest is kept throughout the whole rally."

"And now with ITV involved [in televising the WRC in the UK] it will keep the coverage fresh for each event," he added.



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