Sardinia will host the Rallye d'Italia for the first time this coming October, and following the visit of clerk of the course, Simo Lampinen, the event has been given a glowing report.

The Rally d'Italia-Sardinia, will be managed by the Europe Team Sardinia and they will be responsible for bringing this exceptional event to the island.

A few weeks ago some delegates of the ACI CSAI - together with some of the Europe Team Sardinia staff - went to the Rallye Monte Carlo, which opened the 2004 World Rally Championship, and they officially presented Lampinen as their clerk of the course.

Lampinen is a figure well known and esteemed in the rally world, thanks to his background as a driver, and also as he is clerk of the course of the prestigious Neste Rally Finland and the Rally of Turkey as well.

At the end of January the Finnish man went to Sardinia for an official visit, taking in the special stages and the areas which may host the service park.

"During my visit we have gone through all the itinerary and we had the possibility to drive and examine all the special stages," he noted, "I must say clearly that I like what I have seen.

"The weather was not on our side as for the major part of the time spent we had snow, incredible wind and rain. At some of the places we almost needed to have a boat to go through!

"I have to say that I liked the areas where the special stages are going to take place and they represent the standard of WRC. In the way of speed and surface the island gives a very picturesque backdrop for all of the event.

"Now starts the hard work concerning the preparation of the event, for the 1st October, and the choice of the areas. The organising group has now to work for the safety for competitors, spectators, keeping in mind the latest FIA WRC regulations and the environment of the Sardinian island.

"The Europe Team Sardinia has now to achieve the goals of the all parties involved like: crew, teams, media and spectators, before and after the event, so that they can have a positive impression of the layout and the safety aspect of the rally.

"I must admit that the Sardinian island has really captured me."



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