Gwyndaf Evans has predicted that the revised Ford Fiesta Junior WRC car will be great prospect once the boffins at M-Sport are finished with it.

Evans, who debuted the revised car back in May on the Pirelli International Rally, unfortunately didn't get far, but he still reckons it has what it takes do deliver and was complimentary when asked about it at the recent Rallyday.

"I haven't done as much [rallying] as I had hoped this year," he told Radio last weekend. "I mean I was still contracted to MG Rover at the beginning of the year, but obviously that's common knowledge what's happened there, which was a shame.

"Then I got involved with the Ford Fiesta Super 1600 car. I did a couple of tests. I did quite a bit in Turkey, testing there before [the Rally of] Turkey and then I went up to M-Sport and did some testing there. I then debut it in the UK on the Pirelli Rally [back in May], which unfortunately didn't go quite so well initially. The following day though we came back and we set some good times, and it certainly showed there was some strength within the car, although of course there is still some work to be done with it."

Asked how the Fiesta compared to the MG Junior car, which Gwyndaf drove in recent years, he added that it would be 'unfair' to say too much.

"What I can say though," he continued, "is, from looks, the Fiesta is stunning and some of its handling characteristics are very, very good and very, very strong. And I would say if they work on some few areas, which they are very aware, it will be a cracking little car."

Turning to the WRC more generally, Evans paid homage to the job done by current championship leader, Sebastien Loeb and Citroen.

"It is damn quick [the WRC] - there is no question about it," he concluded. "I would say arguably the cars have gone very, very technical, maybe not quite as spectacular, but certainly more effective and more quick than ever and it is still very competitive there at the top.

"Obviously every split second counts there now. Obviously Sebastien Loeb, Citroen and Michelin have been the strongest package this year and they have capitalised on that and have done a damn good job.

"I think there success is due to a number of things just clicking... you know from tyres, chassis', engineers, teams and obviously Sebastien and his co driver - Daniel Elena, doing a fantastic job, fair play. Obviously then this forces the others to try and maybe, give 110 per cent and then they make mistakes in the process, which is always difficult."



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