by Rob Wilkins

Subaru team leader, Petter Solberg has revealed that the Banbury-based outfit have found the 'biggest problem' with their car - something that has been hindering them for the past few years.

Petter has scored 26 points to date this season and while things have been tough at times, the outfit has started to gain some momentum in recent events.

Indeed in Greece, the last event before the break, 'Hollywood' took a very promising third place, what could well have been second, had he not had a front left damper problem on day two.

Speaking exclusively to Radio recently, the Norwegian stated that while he couldn't specify precisely what it was they have found and added that the team would be best placed to answer that, it is definitely loads, loads better.

"We have been struggling [a bit again this year], there is no doubt about that," he stated. "I think the team have really found out lots of good things with the car though of late and we just have to wait and see at the next rally.

"I am actually going to do two days testing in Finland now on Thursday and Friday this week [July 19/20]. We will then have a few more answers about all the big jobs that the team have done through the summer break.

"We have tested already on tarmac and we have seen some very good improvements. There are still some more details to sort but it looks like they have found the biggest problem that has been in the car for a couple of years. Let's just hope we can start to fight again properly now and win some rallies soon."

Despite this revelation though, Petter was making no wild predications about what he might do in Finland or at the next event, the Rallye Deutschland.

"Let's see after I have tested on Thursday and Friday," he replied, when asked about what he might achieve on 'The Rally of a Thousand Lakes', "and after the test we see how much the team has improved the car. Then I can tell you more.

"[As for Germany and the other asphalt events] we have done some good improvements and hopefully that will show. Things are going in a really good direction."

So what can he achieve in the second half of the year?

"The team have been working very, very hard and hopefully we can have a very surprising next half of the season. It is about time we started winning again. The team and me, we have been away from a win for a long, long time and we need to win rallies - that is it. We need to get everything back on track," he summed-up.




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