The FIA, the governing body for the WRC, has revealed the entry list for the 2008 Junior World Rally Championship.

Martin Prokop, who finished third in the Junior standings last season, will start as one of the favourites, while Jaan Molder, Aaron Burkart, Andrea Cortinovis, Michal Kosciuszko and Vilius Rozukas all return for another crack at the JWRC.

In total 16 entries were confirmed, along with their nominated events - seven rounds will count towards the JWRC in 2008 with competitors eligible to score points on six of them.

All 16 have opted to take in Rally d'Italia Sardegna and the Rallye de Espana, while only 9 will do the first JWRC event in Mexico.

The full 2008 JWRC entry list is as follows, the country in italics is the round that an individual driver or team has opted not to nominate:

2008 FIA Junior World Rally Championship entry list:

31. Martin Prokop (CZ) Jordan
32. Jaan Molder (EE) Germany
33. Aaron Burkart (D) Jordan
34. Andrea Cortinovis (I) Mexico
35. Michal Kosciuszko (PL) Germany
36. Vilius Rozukas (LT) Mexico
37. Simone Bertolotti (I) Mexico
38. Francesco Fanari (I) France
39. Stefano Albertini (I) Mexico
40. Interspeed Racing Team 1 SCG Team Germany
41. Interspeed Racing Team 2 SCG Team Germany
42. Equipe de France FFSA (F) ASN/Team Finland
43. Suzuki Rallye Junior Team Germany* (D) Team Mexico
44. KNAF Talent First Team Holland 1 (NL) ASN/Team Mexico
45. KNAF Talent First Team Holland 2 (NL) ASN/Team Mexico
46. World Rally Team Ireland (IRL) Team France

* Driver confirmed as Florian Niegel back in December.

Country in italics dropped event.

Mexico: 9 JWRC entries
Jordan: 14 JWRC entries
Italy: 16 JWRC entries
Finland: 15 JWRC entries
Germany: 12 JWRC entries
Spain: 16 JWRC entries
France: 14 JWRC entries



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