Subaru's Petter Solberg will re-start under the SupeRally on day three of the Corona Rally Mexico.

Petter had begun leg 2 strongly and was running in fourth place, when three-quarters of the way through SS10 he lost drive to the front left wheel and had to limp through the remainder of the stage losing four minutes.

Although he attempted a fix to enable him to cover the remaining 53 kilometres to the mid-day service, it proved to be a problem that was not possible to rectify at the roadside and he had to retire from the leg.

Once back in the service area though his mechanics descended upon the #5 Impreza and fixed the problem.

Petter will now rejoin in 14th place - having picked up 30 minutes of penalties for the stages missed on day 2. Currently he is on course to pick up the final manufacturers' point.

"Today was not good for us. I didn't feel comfortable with the car this morning on the loose surface, and then we had the drive problem which forced us to retire," said Petter. "It's so frustrating when we had the speed early on in this event but we are now so far back."


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