Despite only finishing fourth in Mexico, Mikko Hirvonen remains in the lead in the race for the 2008 FIA World Rally drivers' championship title.

Mikko increased his tally to 21 points following the Leon-based round, while Sebastien Loeb, who won the event, now lies just 1 point behind. Jari-Matti Latvala is a further 4 points back in third.

In the Manufacturers' championship the BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT remains top, increasing its lead from 10 points to 12. Citroen is now joint second with Subaru - both outfits having scored 25 points.

World Rally Drivers' Championship (after 3 of 15 rounds):

1. Mikko HirvonenBP Ford Focus RS WRC 0721 points
2. Sebastien LoebCitroen Total WRT C4 WRC 20 points
3. Jari-Matti LatvalaBP Ford Focus RS WRC 0716 points
4. Chris AtkinsonSubaru WRT Impreza WRC 200714 points
5. Gigi GalliStobart Ford Focus WRC 079 points
= Petter SolbergSubaru WRT Impreza WRC 20079 points
7. Francois DuvalStobart Ford Focus WRC 075 points
8. Andreas MikkelsenRamsport Ford Focus WRC 06 4 points
= Henning SolbergMunchi's Ford Focus WRC 074 points
10. Daniel SordoCitroen Total WRT C4 WRC3 points
= Matthew WilsonStobart Ford Focus WRC 073 points
12. Jean-Marie CuoqPeugeot 307 WRC2 points
= Toni GardemeisterSuzuki WRT SX4 WRC2 points
= Federico VillagraMunchi's Ford Focus WRC 072 points
15. P-G AnderssonSuzuki WRT SX4 WRC1 point
= Juho HanninenMitsubishi Lancer Evo IV1 point
= Ricardo TrivinoPeugeot 206 WRC1 point

World Rally Manufacturers' Championship (after 3 of 15 rounds):

1. BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT 37 points
2. Citroen Total WRT25 points
= Subaru WRT25 points
4. Stobart VK M-Sport Ford RT 19 points
5. Munchi's Ford WRT 6 points
6. Suzuki WRT5 points

Junior Rally Championship (for drivers) (after 1 of 7 rounds):

1. Sebastien OgierCitroen C2 S160010 points
2. Jaan MolderSuzuki Swift S16008 points
3. Michal KosciuszkoSuzuki Swift S16006 points
4. Aaron BurkartCitroen C2 S16005 points
5. Patrik SandellRenault Clio S16004 points
6. Shaun GallagherCitroen C2 S16003 points
7. Martin ProkopCitroen C2 S16002 points
8. Francesco FanariCitroen C2-R21 point

Production Car World Rally Championship (for drivers) (after 1 of 8 rounds):

1. Juho HanninenMitsubishi Lancer Evo IV10 points
2. Jari KetomaaSubaru Impreza N148 points
3. Patrik SandellPeugeot 2076 points
4. Martin ProkopMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX5 points
5. Uwe NittelMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4 points
6. Toshi AraiSubaru Impreza3 points
7. Armindo AraujoMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX2 points
8. Bernardo SousaMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX1 point

Note: The Rally Mexico did not count as part of the Production Car World Rally Championship.



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