Sebastien Loeb [Citroen Total WRT]:

"I'm delighted to have won here. Following our blank scorecard in Sweden, it was important to try to bounce back straight away. It wasn't easy and, as often seems to be the case in Mexico, we had a troubled start, but the rest of the event went very well for us! It's the sort of victory I like because it came after a good fight. Marcus Gr?nholm's absence has already been filled by another Finn who is younger and just as determined. I think we can look forward to some good scraps this year, and that's fine by me! For this weekend's hard-packed stages, Pirelli took the safe choice with a very hard compound in a bid to ward off punctures. We effectively didn't suffer any, but we had to adjust our set-up to improve traction. The team responded well and our times here with the C4 WRC are an encouraging pointer for the rest of the year."

"The last day featured a little more than 60km of competitive action divided into three stages, plus a final attempt at the super-special in Le?n. Despite our overnight lead, we approached today's leg cautiously because of the risks inherent in being first on the road, like having to sweep a clear line, punctures, etc."

Chris Atkinson [Subaru WRT]:

"It's a fantastic result, my best in the WRC! All the team, the guys on my car, Subaru all did a top job. It was good fun to beat Sebastien [Loeb] on the Superspecial at the end there! It's a great start to the year for me and also for the team, and I hope we can keep building on this. We're making good steps forward and the car felt really good this weekend. We did some work on the dampers after Sweden and that was a big help - they were good here in the heat which is always a tough test. Now we look to Argentina and to keep this performance going. The sooner I can win the better!"

Jari-Matti Latvala [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"It's an important result for me and it's a good result for the team and our championship challenge. I achieved my goal of being on the podium and it's just a shame we had a problem yesterday when fighting for the lead. But if I think about things closely, it has been a good weekend and I don't have any complaints. The best aspect was being able to challenge Loeb and match his times and I hope I can get just as close to him in the future because I had good speed this weekend."

Mikko Hirvonen [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"I tried to catch Henning but when stage 18 was cancelled, I decided I didn't have enough kilometres left in which to do it. I was lucky he had a problem and I'm glad to finish fourth and take good points after a difficult weekend. It just wasn't my rally unfortunately. Jari-Matti and Loeb were very fast and I couldn't reach their pace but I'll have to find that speed or say goodbye to the championship. I was unlucky with punctures but fourth is OK in the circumstances and hopefully this is the worst rally I'll have this year. Unfortunately I will be first on the road again on the next round in Argentina, but it feels good to be still leading the championship."

Henning Solberg [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"I was trying my best for fourth position today but unfortunately we got a puncture on the last four kilometres of stage 19 and I had to drive on it through the super special and lost too much time. OK, fifth is a good position and it is great that Mikko was the one who went into fourth as he needs the points more than I do. We have scored some good points for the Munchi's team here and now they are ahead of the Suzuki team. We hit a rock on the second stage of the rally and broke a part of the suspension but luckily I was able to temporarily fix the problem with two allen-keys. This meant we could go flat out on the next stage and I did that and finished in third position. We also won stage 14 which was a great feeling because I was going flat out then. I am now looking forward to Argentina and to see if we can get on the podium there."

Matthew Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"Finishing inside the top-six is a great feeling and I am happy with how our pace has improved from last year. When we got into the position on Saturday we were in a bit of a no man's land with big gaps to fifth and seventh but with Gigi out on Friday it was important to finish and keep the Stobart team in a strong position. I am happy to have scored valuable points for the team on my first event as a nominated point-scoring driver. We have had three reasonable rallies this year and sure it would have been nice to come here with points from Sweden but the speed I feel has set me up for a good start to the year. The first time I tried these new Pirelli gravel tyres was on shakedown but now I have a full event with them and the feeling is good so I'm really looking forward to Argentina and seeing what we can do there."

Federico Villagra [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"This rally has been lots of fun and to finish with my equal best WRC result is a fantastic way to start the year. The Munchi's team is now ahead of Suzuki in the Manufacturers' Championship after just one event which is a great start. Yesterday was very difficult when I lost my power-steering and had to do two stages without it; it is very tough on the arms and shoulders. The team mechanics did a great job to replace the power-steering on the car at service and we didn't get any penalty because we lost no time. Apart from this we have had no problems all rally and the car and new Pirelli tyres have felt really good. Now I will head to Rally Argentina, which is in my home town, full of confidence and hopefully we can go even better there."

Ricardo Trivino [Peugeot 206 WRC]

"I have really enjoyed myself and I am very happy."

Sebastien Ogier [Citroen C2 S1600 - JWRC]:

"Given our overnight lead, we preferred not to take any risks. We really didn't know what to expect before coming to Mexico. My Citro?n, PH Sport and the World Championship scene were all new to me and I had no idea where we stood compared with the others. There was so much we had to take on board! I am obviously delighted to have won the JWRC category and also to have finished ninth overall."

Petter Solberg [Subaru WRT]:

"Today we were ok in the first stage, but with big gaps between everyone at the front people were backing off. We scored a Manufacturer point which is important, but other than that it's been a frustrating weekend really. But we keep working and pushing, and Argentina will be better."

Daniel Sordo [Citroen Total WRT]:

"Once we had put the first day's disappointment behind us, my main concern was to find the ideal set-up. After feeling as comfortable as I did in Sweden, the season's first gravel rally was another encouraging sign for the remainder of the season."

Notable retirements:

Daniel Sordo [Citroen Total WRT]: [retired from day 1 in SS1 - suspension - re-started on day 2 under the SupeRally]

"I don't know what happened. I was keeping to the line made by previous competitors through a left-hand corner, but there must have been a rock because the wishbone broke. It's bitterly disappointing. Up to that point, we had found a good pace and our split times were looking good."

Conrad Rautenbach [PH Sport-Citroen C4 WRC]: [retired from day 1 in SS3 - damaged suspension - re-started on day 2 under the SupeRally]

"I'm so disappointed with this result. After the test in France, everything felt really good for this event. The C4 is easier to drive than the Xsara I'd used for the last three rallies, so straight away I was more comfortable in the car. David [Senior - my co-driver] and I had a good recce, and we had a plan to be sensible here and try to take a [drivers' championship] point from this event. That was exactly what I had done this morning - no risks, just driving in the middle of the road. We hadn't had any moments. We came towards the end of the third stage and I turned into a corner, we touched the bank on the outside with the front-right wheel on full lock and that was the end of that. The TCA had broken. I tried to carry on to try and get out of the stage, but we just couldn't make it through the next corner. I can't believe it.

"The times were good this morning and then the splits in the third stage were also encouraging - particularly when you think about what our plan had been and the fact that we hadn't taken any chances. Looking at the leaderboard now, at the end of day one, I know that we could have been in seventh place. That just makes the whole thing even worse. The positive from this is that I'm comfortable and confident in the car. And now I'm going to push on tomorrow and see what kind of times we can set. I don't know if this was bad luck, my mistake or just one of those things that can happen in rallying. One thing is for sure, though, tomorrow is another day and we'll be out there to see what we can do in the C4 WRC."

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]: [retired from event in service A - engine]

"The fact that we were sixth when we stopped just goes to show the potential of the whole SX4 WRC package. We had a very good run through the morning's stages, although the suspension set-up was a little too hard. Considering that we had no testing before the event, I think it was really good. Unfortunately we then had an engine problem, and this is something that we need to sort out. Once that is done though, we will be in a good position. I'm quite confident that we could have taken points here."

Toni Gardemeister [Suzuki WRT]: [retired from event in SS4 - engine]

"Unfortunately my 100th rally has been memorable for the wrong reasons! We didn't really get a chance to show what we were capable of today as from the first stage the engine was down on power and we just had to try and get through the opening loop. It was a strange problem as sometimes there was power and other times there wasn't. I've got every confidence that the team will find out what the problem is; we have to remember that the car is still very new, and we have a lot of work to do."

Gigi Galli [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]: [retired from event in SS4 - suspension/rollcage damage]

"I am very disappointed with what happened on stage 4 today and the fact we have retired from the event. It was the first corner and I came flat in third gear and the car slid too wide and we banged into a rock. We tried to fix the problem on the stage but ended up losing too much time and had to retire. It was just so silly because everything was feeling good and it was so unlucky that we hit the rock because I felt like I was set up well for the fast left-hand corner. The first two stages today were very good and I actually didn't really expect to get such good times because we were taking no risks and just driving sensibly and everything, the car, tyres and setup, was all perfect. I had a slight problem with a pacenote on stage 3 and we spun into a ditch and were stuck for a while as there were only four spectators to help us out there. It is a shame I only got to drive about 60 kilometres on gravel and with the new tyres but the experience will help me when we go to Argentina for the next round."

Martin Prokop [Citroen C2 S1600 - JWRC]: [retired from day 1 in SS4 - broken engine sensor - re-started on day 2 under SupeRally]

"We just got caught out on the first stage and so we rolled three times. The car was on its roof and it took us a while to get it back on its wheels as there were no spectators around to help. There was quite a lot of damage to the bodywork, the left-rear window was broken and the interior of the car was covered in dust. Luckily we were able to get through the next two stages and reach the service park. Unfortunately, we had to retire in SS4 at the start of the second loop with a broken engine sensor. We plan to re-start tomorrow morning under the SupeRally system though."

Petter Solberg [Subaru WRT]: [retired from day 2 after SS10 - driveshaft - re-started on day 3 under SupeRally]

"Today was not good for us. I didn't feel comfortable with the car this morning on the loose surface, and then we had the drive problem which forced us to retire. It's so frustrating when we had the speed early on in this event but we are now so far back."

Team principals:

Olivier Quesnel [Citroen Total WRT - team principal]:

"Today's win is a great reward for everyone at Citro?n Sport and everybody kept their eye on the ball throughout. We reacted well to match the set-up of the C4 so well to the specific characteristics of the Mexican stages and produce such a highly competitive package. S?bastien and Daniel [Elena] have closed to within a point of the current Drivers' championship leader and Citro?n has stabilised the gap in the Manufacturers' standings. S?bastien Loeb's performance at the sharp end of the leaderboard was mirrored by the first class run of S?bastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia in the FIA Junior WRC with their Citro?n C2 Super 1600. The Equipe de France FFSA-backed driver won his first world class outing which really is something of an achievement."

David Richards [Subaru WRT - managing director]:

"Chris did a fantastic job and I firmly believe he can win an event before the end of the year. We've had a very encouraging start to the year and we're putting ourselves in a very strong position for when we launch our new car, the WRC2008. Petter did a good job today, and from our performance here in Mexico it is clear to me that we have made some positive steps forward since Sweden, and will continue to do so as we look to Argentina in a few weeks time."

Malcolm Wilson [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT - team director]:

"After what we encountered, we've come away with a great result which increases our lead in the championship. And for Mikko to still lead the drivers' standings after his problems is more than we thought we would achieve on Friday night. I'm pleased we showed the speed to lead the rally and that's promising looking forward to another high altitude event in Argentina later this month."

Mark Deans [Ford of Europe motorsport director]:

"This was the first gravel rally of the season and for the Focus RS WRC to prove its speed on what is the dominant surface of the year bodes well. Five Focus cars finished in the top seven and for BP Ford Abu Dhabi to maintain its lead in both championships after three rounds represents an excellent opening sector of the year."

Malcolm Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT - team boss]:

"This has been an impressive performance by the Stobart team considering it was just Matthew scoring points after Gigi retired on Friday. Sixth is a great position especially in his first event as a nominated driver for the year. It was very encouraging that he was able to deliver some points as it was what he had to do here and this is good to know for the future of the team. A positive is the pace of Gigi on the opening day and with Henning's performance here also the Stobart team will have another very strong line-up in Argentina. This has also been the first time the guys have driven on the new Pirelli tyre and I think they will take a lot from this event into the next round."

Andrew Tinkler [Stobart Group Ltd CEO]:

"This has been a terrific rally for Matthew and his performance has helped the Stobart team remain in a strong position in the championship. Scott has achieved his best ever WRC result and I am really pleased for him as his enthusiasm and professionalism is a fine representation of what the Stobart brand is all about. It is a shame about Gigi's retirement but he showed great potential and exceptional speed on the first day and I think that both he and Matthew can continue this form to the next round in Argentina. It has been another great job by M-Sport and the Ford Focus has again proved to be the most reliable car in the tough conditions."

Nobuhiro Tajima [Suzuki - team boss]:

[Speaking at end of day 1] "I feel so very sorry for both of our drivers, especially Toni who was starting his 100th WRC rally here. This was an incredibly disappointing experience for all of us. As was the case in Monte Carlo and Sweden, we have been stopped by an engine problem and we suspect that it is for a similar reason, although we will only know for sure once we fully examine the cars. It's clear that we have an issue with the engines, but under the current engine linking regulations we are not permitted to change the engine during or in between the rallies to try and understand the problem. As a new team we want to and we need to improve: but sometimes this is not easy when the rules are not in your favour as a newcomer. It was always going to be tough for us here. Toni did not really have a chance today, but until his retirement P-G was again doing a fantastic job for us. The potential is still very much there and we all have confidence that we will bounce back from this disappointment."

Peter Tyson [Pirelli - motorsport marketing director]:

"I am very satisfied with the results of the Scorpion tyre's debut in Mexico. They overcame an extremely tough test, running on stages that were littered with sharp stones, in high temperatures, and with a very rapid pace from all the Citro?n, Subaru and Ford drivers. The praise our tyres have received from both drivers and team managers is very satisfying for all of us, and it provides yet another demonstration of the qualities of our new Pirelli tyres."



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