Following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, the FIA has announced its future plans for regulations in the World Rally Championship.

New regulations for the next generation of WRC cars will become effective from the 2011 season and will see cars based on the current Super 2000 and Group N machines.

Cars will be fitted with a supplementary kit including a turbo and rear-wing additions, although the kit must be able to be fitted to or removed from the car within a defined time limit which has yet to be determined.

The new WRC car will be permitted to compete in the series from the 2009 season and will be able to score points in the WRC from 2010, where the current WRC machines will also be allowed to compete.

That comes after the FIA announced that the current regulations will be extended into 2010, although cars will be subject to technical controls.

In other news following the WMSC meeting, the FIA has confirmed that the restriction on parts will be eased for new manufacturers in their first year of entering the championship with immediate effect.

A new manufacturer will be able ask the FIA for a waiver to use two additional engines without penalty, and a change of parts, as described in the WRC sporting regulations.



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