The organisers of the Rally of Turkey have confirmed that the spectator injured in the 'Bernardo Sousa incident' last weekend is recovering well.

A spokesperson for the event told that the 45-year-old Belgian is now conscious and is currently scheduled to have some operations on both of his legs, which were badly broken.

"Although I'm not a doctor, I'm hearing that he is getting better every day and starting to recover," he added.

The spectator was injured in SS10 on Saturday - the second test of the day, when Sousa's car hit a stone and sent it flying though the air and into a cordoned-off area, where it struck the unlucky fan.

"200 metres after the start of the stage I drove over a stone that flew and hit a spectator," confirmed Sousa on Saturday.

"As I saw the fan go to ground I stopped immediately to check what had happened. It was a real shock for me which left me feeling really sick."



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