Russia will get its first chance to prove it can host a round of the World Rally Championship later this month, when the 'Novorossiysk Rally of Russia 2008' runs from September 26-28.

A statement from the organisers' conceded that while there is a need to 'prove' Russia deserves its WRC slot in July 2010, they remain confident that the region of Novorossiysk will meet expectations.

"For the first time in Russian history our country gets a golden opportunity to host an event of the World Rally Championship and as in any other kinds of sports, such a global and high-ranking event demands very serious preparations," read a statement to the press under the heading 'World Motorsport comes to Russia'.

"It wasn't by accident that the organisers of the Russian round of the WRC choose the region of Novorossiysk.

"The Novorossiysk Rally holds a well-deserved reputation as the most unpredictable rally in Russia.

"For the last few years the showdown of the Russian Rally Championship has been held in Novorossiysk and it was there where the destiny of the 'gold medals' were decided. The one to conquer those roads used to take the title of the fastest driver in the country and it wasn't by accident, as 'Novorossiysk' doesn't forgive mistakes - either in driving or in strategy.

"Novorossiysk Rally of Russia 2008 promises to become a unique rally. This event has already broken fresh ground but now there is a need to create a competition of a completely different level.

"Judging by its difficulty, prestige and scale, the WRC is an activity at the level of the Olympic Games. But in contrast to it, a round of the WRC takes place in a country not once, but annually. We have two years to prove that Russia deserves such an honour."

Entries for the Rally Russia WRC candidate event - the eighth and final round in the 2008 Russian Rally Championship - meanwhile close today [Monday, September 8], 44 have been received thus far.


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