Sebastien Loeb [Citroen Total WRT]:

"It won't surprise anyone to learn that I am delighted with this win. The Riudecanyes and Santa Marina stages we contested today were quite similar to those of the first two days, but the Serra d'Almos test was different from the others. It was narrow, the asphalt was in a fairly poor state and it was quite bumpy. We took special care not to pick up a puncture, just as we did all weekend, and that was one of the main concerns on this rally. In order to make the most of our Pirelli Pzero WRC Hard tyres, I had to adapt the way I drove to manage their rate of wear. But we didn't make any mistakes and our C4 WRC performed impeccably from start to finish, and that has taken us a step loser to both world titles, although there's still a long way to go."

Daniel Sordo [Citroen Total WRT]:

"This is our third consecutive silver medal on our home round and the third time we have contributed to a one-two finish here for Citro?n. I would obviously love to win this event one day, but I am happy with today's outcome. It was a superb weekend for us, and there was much less corner-cutting this time round compared with previous years. We profited from Friday's run to make some set-up changes to adapt the car to our tyres and I then fell into a quick but safe rhythm which enabled us to defend second spot. Our C4 was awesomely competitive all the way to the finish and monopolising the top two positions today is a great reward for everyone in the team. It has enabled Citro?n to close in on the title and we will do all we can to reproduce the same result in Ajaccio next weekend!"

Mikko Hirvonen [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"This wasn't how I wanted to take a podium and I really have to thank Fran?ois. He was a true team player and helped me to score an extra point. Winning the drivers' championship will be very difficult now but it isn't out of the question so I will keep trying. I finally found a good rhythm yesterday afternoon and I've learned a lot about driving on this surface this weekend. In Corsica we don't know what will happen but S?bastien and Dani are very strong this year [on asphalt]. We will work to try and be in front of the Citroens because our car is very suitable for Corsica."

Francois Duval [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"The team forced me to give the podium place to Mikko Hirvonen. But despite that I had a very good rally. It was a good weekend for me and I'm happy to be back in the Ford team. I made no mistakes and suffered no punctures and this has given me real confidence for next weekend's rally in Corsica. This isn't my favourite asphalt event because the surface is too pure and too smooth, like driving on a motorway at times. However, I found a good set-up for my Focus, my pace was consistent and I enjoyed the tougher and more slippery roads yesterday. I'm going to go at the limit in Corsica now."

Petter Solberg [Subaru WRT]:

"For sure it's been a tough rally for us, and fifth place is fifth place but it's good to be a little way up there. The car actually felt a little better in the last two stages after I made some changes, so it's the right direction but we still have more to do. Now we have Corsica straight after to continue this work."

Jari-Matti Latvala [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"This rally started off quite frustrating for me but actually, when I look back, it was positive and we found a good setting. Without a test before the event it took us some time to get things feeling the way I wanted and Friday morning was frustrating as I didn't have a good feeling and also my confidence was low. But we changed some things and I started to drive a bit less aggressively and that seemed to work. The setting we found on Saturday is working and the first stage we had today was great - I can say it was one of my best stages on tarmac this year. Now the car setup is right I have the confidence to push some more so from that point of view it has been very productive. Also I'm pleased to have scored some more points for my old team Stobart and hopefully I can repeat this next week in Corsica."

Chris Atkinson [Subaru WRT]:

"For me I had a good weekend and personally I feel I drove well. If we had the same times all weekend we'd have been with Petter as we matched him all weekend. But I'm happy with my performance and satisfied with my driving. We won't make any real changes for Corsica."

Andreas Mikkelsen [Ramsport Ford Focus RS WRC]:

"I am very happy to have finished this rally."

Matthew Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"It's always great for me to score more points for the team and especially here in Spain as most of the top drivers have had tests before the rally. It was also important to not make any mistakes with Corsica so close as this takes some pressure off the Stobart team mechanics and we haven't put a wheel wrong here. We tried a few different settings, which took some time, but got a good diff setting and feeling with the car on Saturday. We tried the soft Pirelli tyres this morning and they felt positive in the middle stage, and we were able to leave the braking slightly later, so that information is very useful heading to Corsica. With no real testing I find it beneficial to have two events very close together; we finished off this rally well, with a good setup and confidence, and that means we will start in Corsica with this fresh in my mind."

Brice Tirabassi [Subaru WRT]

"I am happy with this weekend as we have had good performance and also learnt a lot. I feel more comfortable with the car for Corsica, which is important, but as well as learning a lot this weekend we have also got a good result which I am pleased with. It has been a good weekend for me, and I hope we can continue to learn and get better next week."

Henning Solberg [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"I came here knowing I had to drive to the conditions and learn as much as possible and that's what I did. We are not able to push from the start as I need to have a good feeling with the car and with no tarmac testing before the rally, this was always going to take some time. We found a really positive diff setting on Saturday which let me settle down and concentrate on perfecting my driving style. But it's difficult here with all the cuts and gravel on the stages so it's important not to get carried away. With Corsica just a few days away we needed to keep the car undamaged and the setting we have should hopefully work in Corsica and help us to be faster from the start of the rally. I have also been doing some work on my pacenotes here to help me with faster lines on tarmac."

Federico Villagra [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"I don't have much experience on this surface so the rally was always going to be a big learning experience for me. The test before the event was a huge benefit and we got some good information from there. But we stuck to the game plan, which was to try and get to the finish with no problems, and this was definitely the correct decision. We changed the rear anti-roll bar on Saturday and that helped a lot in making the car more stable and precise as one of the problems we had early in the rally was some understeer. This has been a good event and a positive experience for me and we know a lot more about this rally and the conditions."

Toni Gardemeister [Suzuki WRT]:

"It's a shame that we picked up the puncture on the first day, otherwise I am sure that we could have got some good points here. This rally has been very useful for us though, as we have come away with a lot of vital information for Corsica. I'm also pleased with the level of reliability: we've had no mechanical problems from start to finish which is among the most important things on the World Rally Championship, as our double points finish on the last round in New Zealand showed. So I'm feeling quite confident as we head to Corsica; hopefully we can put all the potential we have shown on asphalt into practice there."

Mads Ostberg [Adpata WRT Subaru Impreza WRC]:

"I am happy to have reached the finish. I learnt a lot and adapted the set-up progressively."

Martin Prokop [Citroen C2 S1600]: [Junior WRC - class winner]

"In the end, it was a big satisfaction for both myself and my team. This is another win to add to the one I gained in Finland, and it's also an excellent birthday present to myself! The points I gained here have put me right back into the hunt for a podium position in the final championship standings, so I'm really pleased with the whole weekend."

Khalid Al Qassimi [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"The weather made it easier for us. I changed my settings a lot and it was only on the last three or four stages that I was really happy and able to step up my commitment. I've learned how to drive on asphalt and have more confidence now."

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]:

"I've been happy with the car in Spain, which makes my mistake on Friday all the more annoying as we had the chance to claim a good result. After that I put all my efforts into testing and development work for Corsica: we should be well-prepared now as we tried some stiffer damper settings this morning. Corsica is not a rally that I know well, but I'm looking forward to it a lot. I think the roads there will probably suit the SX4 WRC better than the roads here in Spain."

Notable retirements:

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]: [retired from day 1 in SS2 - went off the road - re-started under SupeRally on Saturday]

"What happened on the second stage was my fault. We were just too quick approaching a left-hand corner about two kilometres from the end because my notes were a bit optimistic. We almost got round the corner but then we had a lot of understeer at the exit and went off down a steep bank. The car had no damage at all, but the bank was too steep to drive back up. It's a pity, but at least we have the chance to start again tomorrow."

Khalid Al Qassimi [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]: [retired from day 1 after SS6 - re-started under SupeRally on Saturday]

"I felt I had driven well on the previous stage [SS5] but the time wasn't good so we decided to go for a big push on the last test [SS6]. Unfortunately I had a big spin and the car ended in a ditch. I got out it out and finished the stage but the differential began to make a noise on the road section. It got progressively worse and I had to stop. It's disappointing but I will restart tomorrow under SupeRally rules."

Sebastien Ogier [Citroen C2 S1600]: [JWRC - retired from event after SS12 - radiator damage]

"We started off with a good pace this morning but we weren't pushing to the limit. We wanted to look after our tyres during the long stage, as this seemed to be the most tricky aspect of the day. The ninth and twelfth stage, which was the third one in the loop, was slower the first time round at the end, where the surface changed. Unfortunately, during our second run through the stage, we couldn't avoid making a mistake and had a small impact that damaged the radiator. We realised that we were in trouble on the road section, so we retired before reaching the service park."

"We took the apex of a fast left-hander which was the ideal line. However, there was a coating of dust and gravel on the outside of the exit and I lost the rear end. We span and the front and rear of the car hit the bank, splitting a radiator hose. We were able to complete the last 8km and we tried to repair on the road section. Despite our best efforts, though, the engine had suffered too much damage for us to continue. I am obviously very disappointed. Everything had gone so well up to that point, and we had started to lift. But I suppose it's all experience. We are still in with a chance in the championship and we will try to make sure of the title next weekend in Corsica."

Team principals:

Olivier Quesnel [Citroen Total WRT - team principal]:

"This is our third consecutive one-two of 2008, which is immensely satisfying. What I particularly appreciate about this result is the way it was obtained. Our two C4s were never dislodged from the top of the leaderboard and were remarkably reliable throughout, while the mechanics did an impeccable job tending to them over the three days. S?bastien and Daniel put in a perfect run, pulling clear initially and then controlling from in front. It was a polished performance, too, from Dani and Marc who superbly defended second spot. They were in complete control in relation to their rivals in third place. This is also a very positive outcome for Citro?n in both championships, and exactly the sort of weekend I would love to see repeated in a week's time when we move on to Corsica."

Malcolm Wilson [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT - team director]:

"Fran?ois' performance proved it was the right decision to bring him into the team. He did a great job to support Mikko in his quest to be drivers' champion. Now our attentions turn to Corsica where we feel the nature of the stages will better suit our cars and drivers."

Mark Deans [Ford of Europe - motorsport director]:

"Francois came into the team to help our championship aspirations. We've greatly appreciated his efforts in fine-tuning the set-up of the Focus on asphalt and, of course, his spirit in assisting Mikko's title challenge this morning. I hope his professionalism can be rewarded further in Corsica next weekend."

David Richards [Subaru WRT - managing director]:

"It was a solid performance from all three of our drivers today. Now the key is to build and improve on this as we go to Corsica in only one week's time."

Malcolm Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT - team boss]:

"Once again it has been a strong team performance form the Stobart team and both drivers have really improved throughout the duration of the rally. They haven't put a wheel wrong and preserved the cars well for Corsica. It was great to see Jari-Matti's confidence improving as the event progressed and I'm pleased he managed to clinch sixth place on the final day. Matthew's pace has improved and his consistency has been important throughout this event so things are looking good for the rally next week."

Andrew Tinkler [Stobart Group - CEO]:

"This has been another proud day for our Stobart team and after learning his trade with us last year it has been fantastic to see Jari-Matti back in the squad and scoring points. Matthew has also done a great job here and both crews have been consistently improving throughout the weekend. Corsica is only a few days away and I believe it will be a strong event after the progress the team have made here."

Shusuke Inagaki [Suzuki WRT - team director]:

"This was the first proper asphalt round of the season for us, as Monte Carlo and Germany are certainly not typical of most asphalt rallies. Despite the fact that Spain was one of the quickest and toughest rallies of the year, both cars were completely reliable, which is very encouraging. Most importantly of all, we have been able to continue the SX4 WRC's development on asphalt by taking on board several valuable lessons from this event. Now we hope to use them on the next round in Corsica, which will be another big challenge for all of us - especially coming so soon after Spain."



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