The World Motor Sport Council has announced that it has opened the tender process for the commercial rights to the World Rally Championship.

The decision was made on Tuesday following an extraordinary meeting of the WMSC in Paris.

A brief statement read: "The FIA will invite tenders for the commercial rights to the FIA World Rally Championship from 2010. The tender will be published on 16 October 2008 and close on 15 November 2008.

"The winning tender will be announced at the start of Rally Ireland, the first round of the 2009 season."

The manufacturers' involved in the sport had been hoping that a global promoter would be appointed before the end of the year - and Ford and Citroen are both understood to be less than happy about the current situation.

"The one thing that the sport needs at this moment in time is a global promoter. It is something that the manufacturers' have been working with the FIA on to try and find a solution," Ford boss Malcolm Wilson told Radio back in July.

"The sport does need driving forward. We have got this incredible sport and it is touching quite a big audience.

"But I think the sport has got so much more to offer and of course it is a business too. Everybody is in this business to deliver value and that is what we are looking for at Ford. The sport does need to deliver value."

The World Rally Championship is currently the only FIA registered championship not to have a global promoter and in June this year the WSMC 'directed' the FIA to 'finalise negotiations for the appointment of a central promoter'.