Per-Gunnar Andersson will return to the fold on Sunday and utilise the SupeRally in a bid to complete the Rallye de France-Tour de Corse, the thirteenth round in the World Rally Championship.

Andersson, who had been running tenth in his Suzuki SX4 WRC car, hit trouble in SS11, the repeat run through the 25.17 kilometre Calcatoggio-Plage du Liamone test.

The incident occurred just 1.3 kilometres in, when the Swede got caught out on a gravelly corner. With roads made dirty by the previous passage of cars on the stage, there was nothing he could do as his car skated off the road, ending his day prematurely. He will now rejoin in 23rd position.

"The morning had been okay for me. I was still trying to find the confidence after Catalunya. And, in all honesty, I wasn't pushing hard enough. I just wanted to get to the finish of the day - but it wasn't going to be that way," he reflected.

"Not far after the start of the last-but-one stage of the day, I was going into a left-hander. I cut the corner, but the bottom of the car skated on the sumpguard. The car went across the road and off on the other side. We couldn't get back to the road, but the car was completely undamaged and we will start again tomorrow."

Toni Gardemeister meanwhile also had problems in SS11, with fuel pressure problems forcing him to stop. He eventually rejoined the stage directly behind another competitor - Brice Tirabassi, but five minutes and the same number of places had been lost, dropping him from eighth to 13th.

"I ended the day having a touring car race with Subaru driver Brice Tirabassi! It was incredible, I caught his car and drove to the end of the stage right behind him - it was like there was a tow-rope between the two cars," added the Finn.

"We'd lost a bit of time in the last two stages this afternoon, which wasn't so good, but this morning I was happy. The car was running well and we weren't having any trouble. I also felt a little bit better, which was quite nice for me."



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