Sebastien Loeb [Citroen Total WRT]:

"It's been a great rally and our Citroen C4 WRC was perfect. Winning here in Corsica is always a great moment and it's a magnificent event. For us, it's 10 more championship points."

"It would obviously have been more enjoyable if we had had a fight on our hands, but there's nothing I can do about that. It's not me you need to ask what our opponents will have to do to beat us on this event! Winning your home event is always something special. Our tactic this weekend was to pull gradually clear to begin with, then hopefully control from in front. We were helped by our C4 which was both competitive and reliable, while the set-up we chose for this rally enabled us to benefit from the full potential of our Pirelli tyres. We are unbeaten this year on asphalt and we have pulled further clear at the top of the championship standings. The weekend could have been worse!"

[Speaking in the mid-morning break] "The first two stages went well. The main thing was to stay concentrated, so I preferred to push quite hard, but without taking any risks. We were first on the road, so the conditions were clean, and that meant we had less chance of coming across a rock in the middle of the stage. Contesting these two classics in the opposite direction wasn't a problem. However, I must admit that when I heard that our closest rival for the 2008 Drivers' title was in trouble on SS13, the thought that we could perhaps wrap up the championship here in Corsica did pass my mind... but in the end he was able to continue."

Mikko Hirvonen [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"I really appreciate what Jari-Matti and Fran?ois did to help my title challenge. There was a lot of broken asphalt in these stages and I saw a pothole in the distance about 4km after the start. I decided to drive over it - sometimes you do and sometimes you don't - but unfortunately the impact broke the wheel rim and allowed the air to escape from the front right tyre. I could have avoided it by driving around the hole so it was my mistake. I had to stop and change the tyre. There's still a chance to win the title and I will do all I can on the final two rounds in Japan and Britain. I'm really pleased with my speed on asphalt and my confidence has improved greatly on this surface both in Spain last week and here."

Francois Duval [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"I made no mistakes and a podium is a great result. "My role was to help the team and so it made perfect sense for me to help Mikko here. This was a tough rally and I've had to work hard for third, but that's how I like it. The roads were narrow and difficult but those are the type of stages I enjoy."

Jari-Matti Latvala [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"I have never enjoyed driving on tarmac so much in my life than this morning, it was absolutely brilliant and it just felt so easy. I really have learnt so much in the last two weeks and now I know that I need to be really precise and not force the car. This is a fantastic result for me here and definitely my best ever on tarmac; I could have been on the podium, but the important thing is to keep Ford in with a chance of becoming champions again. I have had two great results in two weeks and no-one can take that away from me."

Petter Solberg [Subaru WRT]:

"We had a puncture on the final stage of the morning ten kilometres from the end of the stage, and then again in the final stage, so it's disappointing but that's what can happen. I think the first was a slow puncture as both times I didn't hit anything. After that I drove smart, just taking it easy to get to the finish. I knew we didn't have time to stop and change the wheel, and that it would be quicker to just drive to the finish of both stages. We've tried so many things with the car on this rally with different setups, and we have improved areas. That's the problem of not having done any testing though - we make these changes on a rally. Some changes made the car better, some worse, but that's how it goes. I'm happy with my performance on this rally though. We had a couple of punctures, but nobody could say I didn't try! Now we look to Japan and going back to gravel on all new routes. I've never seen the stages before but I look forward to them."

Chris Atkinson [Subaru WRT]:

"We had a good start and we were fighting with Jari-Matti and Petter but then we had a puncture which lost us time. Once we had the puncture and I was down I just took it quite safe and easy. In the end I could have pushed for the last day and a half and I might have beaten Petter after his two punctures, but you can never know that and we might have got a puncture anyway so that's life. It's been a good weekend though as we were on Petter's pace before the puncture yesterday. I've driven a good rally and it's good to get some points. I think Petter and I are pretty close on tarmac at the moment. He's got an extra point or two out of these last two rallies but we've had a little bit of bad luck. I think we're both pushing quite hard and that's good for my driving still."

Urmo Aava [PH Sport-Citroen C4 WRC]:

"It's been a good weekend apart from a few technical troubles that we had on Friday. We didn't push at all today, the goal was to keep seventh place."

Matthew Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"The last two days have been extremely positive and after our problem on Friday when we lost time, it just shows that anything can happen on a rally. We have had some good battles in climbing back up the leaderboard especially this morning when we got past Tirabassi into eighth place. It's been a very useful rally to learn more about the tyres and how to drive on these twisty, technical stages and a great boost in confidence to have set decent splits and have a really solid two days."

Mads Ostberg [Adapta WRT Subaru Impreza WRC]:

"I'm pleased even though we've just missed out on eighth and one WRC drivers' point. I didn't drive very well today but our mechanics have done a fantastic job all weekend. I think I've made a lot of progress on asphalt during these two rallies. Next we'll be at the Wales Rally GB."

Barry Clark [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"I'm really very happy; to get up into the top 10 in my first tarmac rally in a world rally car is absolutely amazing. I have just really built things up over the weekend and focused on improving my driving and making it to the end of the event. It was also a surprise to be beating some of the full time manufacturer drivers along the way. I prepared well for this rally and it all paid off."

Andreas Mikkelsen [Ramsport Ford Focus RS WRC]:

"After our puncture there was nothing left to fight for. So the important thing was to concentrate and continue to learn how to drive on asphalt."

Khalid Al Qassimi [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"I made changes to the car's set-up this weekend and I'm nearly happy with that now. I have more to learn about my driving style on asphalt. I have a little knowledge, and I will gain more, but in general I'm pleased with the weekend."

Toni Gardemeister [Suzuki WRT]:

"I started the rally feeling really ill but it gradually got better over the next couple of days, which was a big relief as on Friday afternoon it felt nearly impossible for me to drive. On the whole the car was good and we made a lot of improvements over the course of the rally. Today's stages were nice and I really enjoyed myself, but for us it was mostly just a question of driving safely to the finish and making sure of the point. Now we get back to gravel in Japan, which I am looking forward to a lot!"

Conrad Rautenbach [PH Sport-Citroen C4 WRC]:

"I was really looking forward to this one. I was pretty confident of points coming to this event. I knew the pace we had driven at in Catalunya and I knew what I was capable of in Corsica this week. It's just so frustrating. The first puncture came not far after the start [of SS9]. There was a tricky right over crest into a first gear left-hander. I was concentrating on the first part of the sequence and we hit something with the front-right. I guess it's something I should have picked up on the recce. We stopped the change the tyre, but then David [Senior - my co-driver] had trouble undoing the straps which hold the spare wheel in place, so it took us three minutes to change.

"As if that wasn't enough, we then clipped a kerb with the right-rear tyre in stage 11 and caught out second puncture of the day. Actually, this was our third as we'd left lunchtime service with a slow puncture on the car as well. We stopped to change in 11. The good news this time was that we improved our tyre-changing time by one minute! This just wasn't what I'd expected from this event at all. The way things have gone, we'd have been right in the points, but that - as they say - is rallying. It doesn't make it any easier though. Now it's Japan and another new one for me. Then again, it's a new one for everybody - let's get over there and see what we can do."

Henning Solberg [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"I like the stages here especially with the twisty, narrow sections and my driving was really coming together on the last day. The rally went well, apart from the two punctures, and my final result doesn't exactly reflect the advances we have made and the good times we set today. I'm not a big tarmac fan and am definitely looking forward to Japan and to getting back onto gravel."

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]:

"The biggest problem I've had on this rally is with my confidence. I went off the road on the last rally in Spain and unfortunately the same thing happened again here. So on the last day I really wanted to make sure that I had a safe run to the finish with no further setbacks. Luckily the car felt very nice and I had a good feeling with it by the end. I tried some softer suspension settings as well, which gave us some interesting results. We're learning new things all the time, so I think we can head to the last two rallies with confidence."

Martin Prokop [Citroen C2 S1600: [JWRC - winner]

"It's been a good end to the season as we've won three rallies. I'd like to congratulate Sebastien Ogier [on winning the JWRC title]."

Sebastien Ogier [Citroen C2 S1600]: [2008 JWRC champion]

"Finally we've done it, here in Corsica! It was the best place to win this first world title. It's incredible and I'm so happy. What a weekend! It's been so difficult just to drive at this pace and focus on my main rival only."

Pierre Campana (Renault Clio R3): [JWRC - third]

"We had a puncture and lost 30 seconds. But I'm happy with this third place."

Aaron Burkart [Citroen C2 S1600]: [JWRC]

"I did what I could, but I'm just not at Sebastien's level. Well done to him."

Notable retirements:

Daniel Sordo [Citroen Total WRT]: [retired from event in SS3 - went off the road]

"I started cautiously and used SS1 to find my marks. On the next stage, I was able to profit from the full potential of my C4 and we managed to move into second place, although we did push very hard to achieve that. Then, about 800 metres after the start of SS3, there was a small bump in the braking zone for a lefthand turn at the end of a particularly fast, narrow, downhill section, and that was enough to cause my car to lift slightly. I braked as hard as I could, taking care not to lock the wheels, but the rear of my C4 swiped a bank which sent the front end into a rock. That in turn ripped off the left-side wheel and we were unable to continue. It's a huge shame. I had found a good pace, I felt completely at one with my car and we had just moved into second place."

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]: [retired from day 2 in SS11 - went off the road - re-started on Sunday under the SupeRally]

"The morning had been okay for me. I was still trying to find the confidence after Catalunya. And, in all honesty, I wasn't pushing hard enough. I just wanted to get to the finish of the day - but it wasn't going to be that way. Not far after the start of the last-but-one stage of the day, I was going into a left-hander. I cut the corner, but the bottom of the car skated on the sumpguard. The car went across the road and off on the other side. We couldn't get back to the road, but the car was completely undamaged and we will start again tomorrow."

Brice Tirabassi [Subaru WRT] [retired from event in SS14 - mechanical]

"The car was much better this morning but for me it's been hard to get a proper feeling this weekend. We made some changes last night and it was possible to speed up on the stages this morning. I was much happier. Then on the second stage after 9km we got a warning alarm in the car and after a few seconds the engine just stopped. It was not possible to restart the car. For sure it's very disappointing, but for me it's been a very good experience in Spain and Corsica and I am very happy. I enjoyed it a lot. Yes it's been difficult, but it's a rally so this can happen. I have a big smile and I am very happy with the team ad the car. It's been very good experience and to drive a Subaru on these two rounds, especially on my home event, has been very good for me."

Team principals:

Olivier Quesnel [Citroen Total WRT - team principal]:

"Victories rarely get more emphatic than this. Our cars have always gone well in Corsica and, this year, we were again able to dominate from start to finish thanks to the excellent work of everyone in the team. There was little suspense, but it was still a very stressful three days because anything can always happen! But Seb and Daniel put in a perfect run, scoring 14 fifteen fastest stage times from 16! What a performance! Today's result takes them further clear at the top of the Drivers' standings and Citro?n hasn't dropped many points in the Manufacturers' championship. There are two other performances I would like to applaud, that of Urmo Aava/Kuldar Sikk who finished seventh with their CSP Technologies Citro?n C4, and that of S?bastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia who succeeded in clinching the 2008 Junior World Championship* today in their Citro?n C2 Super 1600."

Malcolm Wilson [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT - team director]:

"Rallying is a complex sport and the situation we found ourselves in this afternoon was far from ideal. However, we have to do everything we can to try to win the manufacturers' title for a third consecutive season and to give Mikko the best opportunity of claiming the drivers' crown."

Mark Deans [Ford of Europe - motorsport director]:

"To see three Focus RS WRCs in the top four places is a great result. We've kept our championship hopes alive. It will be difficult to retain the manufacturers' title but we'll give our all during the final two rounds. We have a fantastic group of drivers and Jari-Matti Latvala's return to the official team in Japan augurs well for our chances there."

Malcolm Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT - team boss]:

"It's been a fantastic team effort especially with Jari-Matti's great result; he has played an important role in backing up the BP Ford Abu Dhabi Team. Matthew's fight-back to collect both manufacturer and driver points has really impressed me. It's also very encouraging to see Francois get on the podium as he is joining the Stobart team for the last two events and it shows he has got to grips with the car."

Andrew Tinkler [Stobart Group - CEO]:

"Both Matt and Jari-Matti have done a fantastic job here. Matt came back really well after his problem on Friday and Jari-Matti's speed and consistency here have impressed me massively. The Stobart team have a great partnership with Ford and if we can assist them in clinching the championship title then we will."

Shusuke Inagaki [Suzuki WRT - team director]:

"Corsica has thrown up a huge number of challenges as usual, including a differing selection of bumpy roads and surfaces that range from extremely slippery to very abrasive. This varied array of conditions has enabled us to test a large number of different parameters on the SX4 WRC, which has been very valuable for the continuing development of the car. Toni has struggled with illness on this event so he has done an excellent job under the circumstances. P-G has felt his lack of experience here, but he is improving a lot on this specialised surface. Next up is our home event in Japan, which will be a very exciting event for all of us. Of course we would love to do well on our home territory!"



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